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Holidays To Hammamet

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If you are an aquatic enthusiastic looking for fun and relaxation in the silver like sand of the Mediterranean coastline or seeking some adrenaline pumping adventure at the deep, Hammamet is one of the best seaside destinations in Africa. Formally this exotic town of Tunisia was a small fishing town which was intentionally converted as a tourism town in order to attract tropical lovers. If you are looking for places other than the striking sea, sand and sun of Hammamet, the luminous gardens of oranges and lemons can be your next option to spend some relaxing moments. The scenery of these colourful citrus fruits ripened on the greenly trees is guaranteed to take your breath away. Olive groves are also cultivated in some of the gardens in Hammamet. Thus this tantalising Tunisian town is renowned as the “garden resort” too. Beside the tranquil beaches and lush plantations, Hammamet have another breath taker in store. All over the town you can find souvenirs made out of Jasmine flowers. These pearl like white flowers spread serene fragrance that no one can pass without feeling amazed. Plan all-inclusive holidays to Hammamet with Travel Center to remain calm and enjoy this heavenly hotspot for holidaymaking.


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Time Zone

UTC+01:00 hour

Airlines Flying

Tunisair, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines



Best Time to Travel

January to June

Modes of Transport

Ferry, Car, Taxi, Boat, Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 3.01 TND

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Kasbah, built in the 12th century is open to visitors who enter through its archways and climb up its flight of stairs. The museum holds details of the history of Hammamet and its Spanish occupation. At the top of the Kasbah visitors can experience impressive views of the Hammamet city.


Preserved within the 15th century walls, Medina is an ideal place to experience Tunisian architecture with its winding lanes and well-preserved alleyways. Visitors walk about the Medina within its cool and shady structure shopping for ceramics, leather goods and carpets. At Medina tourists discover the culture and lifestyle of Tunisians.

Cultural Center

The Cultural Center is located amidst the luscious villa gardens built in the 20th century. A few meters away from the Cultural center you’ll find the ruins of Hammamet’s first settlers. The Cultural Center hosts the most significant annual event of Hammamet – the Hammamet International festival of Music and Drama.

Great Mosque

Dating back to the 15th century, the Great Mosque is a masterpiece of Turkish architecture. Capture the photographic beauty of the mosque at day time and experience its luminous beauty at night. Unchanged since the 15th century, the Great Mosque is proof to the grandeur and beauty of Turkish architecture.

Friguia Animal Park

Spreading across an area of 36 acres the Friguia Animal Park is designed to recreate the animal’s natural habitat. The park accommodates 406 animals belonging to 61 different species. A restaurant, kiosk and souvenir shop is located at the Friguia Animal Park for the convenience of those who visit here.


Built by the Byzantines, Kelibia is a fortress that provided security to its town. Excellently designed, Kelibia offers magnificent views of the city of Hammamet. Visitors can experience strength, power and security as they enter the Kelibia fortress. Enlarged and strengthened by various dynasties, Kelibia is located North of Hammamet.


Located in Hammamet’s northwest direction, Korbous is a collection of hot springs with different temperatures. Filled with rich minerals the springs are known to treat a variety of skin diseases. Many tourists visit the spas at Korbous to experience the goodness of the springs and enjoy the city’s wonderful environment.

El Haouaria

A visit to El Haouaria located in the North of Hammamet presents an opportunity to observe falcons. El Haouaria hosts a falconry festival in May that displaying the talents of village falcons. A visit to the Roman Caves at El Haouaria showcases the creations of the Carthaginians and the Romans.


A must-visit site for tourists with archaeological interests, Kerkouane is a town that was completely destroyed during the third Punic War. Modern day excavations have revealed the luxurious lifestyle and advanced systems of the people of Kerkouane during that era. A museum at Kerkouane speaks of its history and archaeology.

Carthageland Theme Park

A well-designed theme park, Carthageland welcomes visitors with a huge elephant statue at its entrance. Carthageland has water rides and river rafting for the entertainment of visitors. The Carthageland theme park has been carefully designed and created to give tourists an experience and insight to the Tunisian culture and beliefs.