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Holidays To Djerba

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This exotic island is located off the shore of Tunisia in the Gulfs of Gabes of North Africa. Without any disappointments to the travellers this island features all the aspects that a typical tropical island destination should possess. The sizzling sunsets in the beaches of Djerba, cosy beach resorts along the eastern coast, whitewashed domed houses of the city limits, the pottery village of Guellala, the unique cultural activities of the inhabitants of Jerba, the chic shopping spots and delicious dining localities are some of the attractions that Djerba is renowned for. Furthermore this island also possesses some outstanding holiday attractions that nature lovers cannot miss to witness. Surrounded by pristine Mediterranean seas, this island is home to mesmerising beach holidays that let travellers unwind in the sea shores while the tropical sun embraces them gently. Sidi Mehrez beach is the topmost resort destination that is always visited by many foreign travellers due to its serenity, picturesque atmosphere, luxurious accommodation and exceptional hospitality provided by many of the resorts situated in the region. Get ready to pamper yourself in this equatorial holiday island with the all-inclusive holidays from Travel Center. Get on board with Travel Center and enjoy the hottest holiday deals and economical flights to Djerba.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Djerba

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Time Zone

UTC+01:00 hour

Airlines Flying

Air France, Turkish Airlines, Emirates



Best Time to Travel

July to August

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car, Trams, Ferry

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 3.01 TND

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Houmt Souk Old Town

Ideal for a casual stroll, the Houmt Souk's Old Town in Djerba is flanked with beautifully whitewashed houses and shops offering colourful ceramics, jewelry, textiles, traditional shoes, brass and silverware, leather goods, and loads of hand-painted pottery. The Old Town also features a small fishing harbour with plenty of boats.

Bordj el Kabir

Djerba’s iconic fort Bordj el Kabir has guarded the city and harbor since the 13th century. The fort has gone through many renovations and expansions over the years and is a testament to the city’s rich culture and history. The Bordj el Kabir also offers spectacular views of the city.

Folk Museum

This is a quaint-looking and interesting folk museum housed in an elegant 18th century Zaouia of Sidi Zitouni with its remarkable stalactite-designed ceilings. The museum showcases a variety of colourful traditional costumes, old jewellery, ceramics and traditional wedding chests making it a must-visit in attraction in Djerba for culture buffs.

La Ghriba Synagogue

Even though Djerb’s vibrant Jewish community is currently almost non-existent, the La Ghriba Synagogue remains a popular city attraction. Built in the 1920s, the synagogue’s interior features fine paneling and contains significant old Torah scrolls. Each year, 33 days after Easter, the site hosts North Africa's most important Jewish pilgrimage.


Fondouks or merchant inns are a prominent feature in the Houmt Souk’s alleyways. These inns used to combine sleeping quarters, animal stabling as well warehouse storage and were frequented by the many travelling merchants bringing spices and silks back to Europe. Many of these now function as hotels or restaurants.


Djerba’s main pottery centre, the village of Guellala offers a different type of experience. The main street is dotted with ceramic workshops exhibiting their products to visitors. Although the traditional Guellala ceramic products included unglazed storage jars, modelled on ancient amphora, a majority of brightly painted pottery is currently available.


Midoun is Djerba's largest market town, flanked by lush fruit orchards and date-palm groves. The market place becomes a melting pot of activity on Fridays with traders trying to sell their wares. During summer months the area also plays host to weekly cultural shows featuring folk dancing and camel parades.

Sahara Experience

Any visit to Tunisia would not be complete without a trip to the sand dunes of the mighty Sahara - the largest desert in the world. With its close proximity to the oasis town of Nefta, Djerba offers an ideal stopping point for those looking for the real Sahara experience.

Plage Sidi Maharès

Plage Sidi Maharès is Djerba's most popular beach and the ideal place to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Soak in the sun, sea and sand in this sandy shore which extends for nearly 13 km. There are also many cafes, restaurants and leisure areas to keep visitors occupied during their visit.

Crocodile Park

Djerba’s Crocodile Park offers nature and animal lovers the perfect escape during their visit to Djerba. A great place to spend a few hours and travellers are advised to visit during teatime when the crocodiles are fed. Enjoy the spectacle as these majestic yet terrifying creatures feast on their lunch!