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Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest and most populated city, and is the capital of the Gauteng province, although it is not one of South Africa’s three capitals. The city, sometimes nicknamed “Joburg”, is an important hub in the world’s gold and diamond trade, with South Africa being a major manufacturer of both. Make plans to take your holidays to Johannesburg, and see a sprawling metropolis that epitomises the South African culture of diversity. Although not traditionally a city known for tourism, the industry has picked up over the past few years, and visitors have many things to see, including parks, a range of museums, sports facilities, and churches. As a city with a considerable amount of wealth, many busy shopping centres are available, where you will be able to get some great bargains on many products. Johannesburg acts as a gateway to Africa, and most cities around the continent are accessible from its busy airport. Travel Center offers all inclusive holidays to make your trip to Johannesburg a memorable one. Get in touch with one of our experts today, and leave everything to us. Book holidays to Johannesburg with us and experience this South African city at its very best.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Johannesburg

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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +2:00 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, South African Airways, Condor, Emirates


Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, English, Southern Ndebele

Best Time to Travel

October to February

Modes of Transport

Taxi, Bus, Car, Cycling

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 22.97 ZAR

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Apartheid Museum

South African history is not the smoothest and silkiest one. The Africans had to come along a rough path and has a very painful history. If you want to explore the history of Africa you must visit the Apartheid Museum located in Jo’burg.

Constitution Hill

This is a prison cell which was used to place the people who were taking actions against the then injustice. You will definitely feel emotional during your tour in this place. Make sure to pay a visit to this unique site at Jo’burg.

South Western Townships

If you want to see the real life of the poor society you must take a tour in this area. You will be able to understand the real situation of the poor people. If you are in for academic research about poverty, this is an ideal place for your data collection.

Monte Casino Bird Park

Monte Casino Bird Park is the home for many different varieties of birds. The pleasing sight and sound of the birds will definitely fascinate you during your journey through this park. So make sure to visit this lovely park and enjoy the view of lovely birds.

Nature and Wild Life Tours

If you are willing to explore the natural extravaganzas there is plenty of opportunities to do so in Jo’burg. The natives will guide you through and help you enjoy some of the best sites in the city. If you are a nature lover, you must definitely arrange a nature tour around the city.

South African National Museum of Military History

This place is rated as one of the worthiest places of visit in Jo’burg. You will be able to see many remains of the military troops of Africa. the evolution of the military sector is clearly depicted in this museum and you will have a great time exploring them.

Jo’burg Zoo

South Africa and the African continent is the home for a large variety of wild species. You won’t be able to see them in one place unless you visit a zoo. Make sure to visit the Jo’burg zoo to see many of those unique species.

Lesedi Cultural Village

Culture is another strong aspect of the African Lands and there is no better place than Lesedi to see that varieties in culture. You will be able to learn more about the different cultures if you visit this city. If you are interested about the cultural behaviors of the Africans, Lesedi is a must visit place.

Neighborhood Market

Neighborhood market is the ideal place for you to buy some goods to take back home. The items are cheap and the friendly sellers will definitely help you. Make sure to pay a visit to this lovely village market and buy some unique goods from there.

Jo’burg Botanical Garden

Jo’burg botanical garden is one of the nicest places to visit. The lovely flowers and the gorgeous plants will make it highly worth. You can spend an exciting day in the well maintained botanical garden and capture some lovely photos.

Garden Route National Park

This place is ideal for the travelers who love nature and adventure. While the wide range of animals available in the national park makes it interesting the task of seeing them is an adventure. You are likely to enjoy a wondrous journey in this lovely national park if you visit it.

Knysna Lagoon

This is another coastal destination of Knysna. The place is filled with excitement, adventure and most importantly amazing sceneries. You will definitely enjoy your stay in Knysna if you visit this lovely Lagoon.

Boat Tours

If you are into adventure, you can hire a boat and ride through to the deep waters of the great blue ocean surrounding the country. You will have a great time lying under the sun, swimming and enjoying a wide range of marine species.

Featherbed Nature Reserve

African lands are highly nature rich lands. You will enjoy the lovely mountains covered in green grass. If you visit the Featherbed you will be able to see a gorgeous lush green layer of trees and bushes covering a tall mountain. This sight will be a treat to your eyes and mind.

Private Tours

If you want to cover a large area of Knysna it is essential to take the support from an experience person. You can hire a tourist guide and enjoy a private tour around the city. You will be able to explore the city and enjoy the wondrous sights.

Parasailing and Paragliding

Adventure is among the top requirements of the modern travelers. If you are one such adventure lover you will be able to add more adventurous experiences to your life from your visit to Knysna. You can parasail or paraglide in the amazing settings of Knysna which will be a miraculous experience.

Nature and Wild Life Tours

If you are willing to explore the natural extravaganzas you will be able to do it in Knysna as well. The natives will guide you through and help you enjoy some of the best sites in the city. If you are a nature lover, you must definitely arrange a tour around the natural extravaganzas of the city.

Elephant Walk

Knysna Elephant Walk is the home for many homeless elephants. If you visit the place during the feeding hours, you will be able to see an amazing sight. Make sure to visit this lovely elephant park and enjoy a walk among the giant creatures.

Golf Courses

If you are willing to play a game of golf, Knysna has some amazing golf courses. Take your friends with you and enjoy a game of golf in the lush green golf courses. If you are willing to learn to play golf you will get that opportunity as well.