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Morocco’s political capital may lack on the best tourist attractions in the region, but it does compensate with plenty of charm. Rabat is enchanting, evocative and welcoming in its own right - from its tidy, palm-fringed boulevards and clean, central beach, Rabat is a blessed relief from the other larger cities in Morocco. While travelers often set their sights in Fes or Marrakech for their Moroccon holidays, Rabat is a holiday destination should not be missed. This centuries-old city that overlooks the mighty Atlantic Ocean has much to offer for visitors. Read on to discover an array of attractions to visit and why holidays in Rabat is a truly magical experience: Chellah tops the list as one of the most iconic attractions in Rabat. An archaic, fortified city, nestled deep in the heart of Rabat, Chellah is a remains of a pre-Islamic city that was abandoned in 1154 and then rebuilt by Merenid Sultan. Chellah is a wildly atmospheric city, teeming with history and charm. The city is dotted with abandoned buildings and overgrown plants intertwined with immaculately maintained public pathways and colourful flowers and a myriad of enthralling Roman and Islamic ruins. Another attraction is the Hassan Tower. Intended by the Almohads to be the minaret of a majestic mosque, but now, at first sight, the tower appears as if it fell and split in half. Replete with stunningly intricate designs, this tower and the intriguing surroundings is a must-visit on a travel to Rabat. Just opposite the Hassan Tower lies the tomb of King Mohammed V and his two sons. Visitors will be activated by the gold-leaf ceiling and detailed carvings that grace the plain white building.

Check out Kasbah des Oudaias which is situated in the oldest part of Rabat. Kasbah des Oudaias lies as the original site of the city, blessed with a meandering river and stunning ocean views. It’s narrow, white-washed streets with an occasional pop of bright color is refreshingly peaceful to wander in and these dainty, characterful streets are the perfect place to get an insight into what life in Rabat is all about. Explore the Andalusian Gardens for a refreshing and relaxing outing. Built by the Frensh in the 20th century and home to the Palace Museum which showcases bewitching exhibits demonstrating Moroccan art and cultures, these gardens are a tranquil oasis chock full of Andalusian flowers and shrubs as well as a myriad of beautiful fruit trees. Another interesting place to visit is the Rabat Zoo. The zoo opened its doors in 2012 and is a fantastic place for visitors to explore the continents of the world in desert, mountain, savannah and rainforest habitats. With over 130 species of animals, the Rabat Zoo, with its fun and friendly atmosphere is the perfect family attraction. Don’t miss out on visiting the Natural Science Museum. A family favourite venue, this museum in Rabat is full of exciting displays of dinosaurs and chronicles of the origins of the earth. A perfect place for young, curious minds and archeological affidicandos, the Natural Science Museum has plenty on offer, including its star display - a full-size replica of a real Sauropod dinosaur discovered in the high Atlas mountains in 1979. From revelling in age-old cities, haggling in the magical marketplaces and kicking back and enjoying some seaside air, holidays in Rabat is certainly bound to bewitch you. Talk to the Travel Experts at Travel Center and allow us to take you on a quintessential journey to this captivating city. We will plan everything for you including having to book flights to Rabat to ensuring that you enjoy Tours in Rabat that are truly one of a kind.


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