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Holidays To Taba

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Taba is located between the southern border of Egypt and Israel. Situated in the Sinai Peninsula it’s a popular spot for Red Sea diving. Pack your bags and experience this quaint Egyptian border town with low-cost holidays to Taba from Travel Center. Travel Center makes planning a holiday fun and hassle free. Our team of experts will advise you on best times to visit a location while updating you on seasonal offers and great hotel discounts, via our cheap all-inclusive holiday packages to Taba. Book holidays to Taba and experience Red Sea diving and exploring its rocky shores. The Hilton-Casino hotel is located right at the border crossing if you are feeling lucky while excursions to Mount Sinai and Petra in Jordan are readily available. Our budget friendly holiday packages will help you plan and choose a hotel that is well suited to your needs, get to Taba and visit Castle Zaman which overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba offering gorgeous views across the mountains. One of the main attractions here is the tantalizing cuisine, indulge in roasted seafood and meat, sip a cocktail and enjoy a gorgeous sunset. Choose an inexpensive holiday package to beautiful Taba today!


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Travel Tips for when you're in Taba

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Time Zone

UTC+02:00 hours

Airlines Flying




Best Time to Travel

June to September

Modes of Transport

Bus, Taxi, Car, Trams, Ferry

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 11.52 EGP

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Pharoah Island

The island which is named after the great king Ramses III, is located right in the center having an amazing view of 4 countries, Aquaba in Jordan, Eliat in Israel, South Sinai in Egypt and Haql in Saudi Arabia. This fort also has a great history which you will be able to learn more about if you visit this island.


The surrounding ocean of Taba is an ideal place for snorkeling. You can enjoy an amazing snorkeling experience in this beautiful place. This is a paradise for the ocean sports lovers and if you are one of them, this is the place for you.

St. Catherine’s Monastery

The typical church build in a faraway place is a must visit place in Taba. You have to journey through the mountains and deserts to get into this church. The church has some amazing paintings which has paintings with preserved colors for over 100 years.


This is also an exciting event especially for the sports lovers. You can parasail in the lovely blue waters of the surrounding Ocean and enjoy the day. Since it is not much expensive you will really be able to have loads of fun.

Taba Water World

You will be able to get an amazing experience in the neutral waters if you join a Taba Water Word journey. This journey will include a snorkeling experience in the neutral ocean and the amazing reefs lying under the ocean will be a great treat to your eyes and mind.

Quad Bikes in the Dessert

Taba is an adventurer’s paradise. You will be having a great time riding through the dessert in four wheel bikes. The experience is not for the faint hearted ones. You will definitely enjoy the ride through the dessert. This is a must engage activity if you are an adventure lover.

Jeep Safari to the Colored Canyon

There are readily available jeeps for a journey to the colored Canyons in Taba. This is also not a suitable activity for the weaker ones as it involves long hours of walking, climbing and seeping through small places. But you will definitely enjoy your journey to the Colored Canyons.

Dead Sea Excursion

A journey to the Dead Sea is a possibility as it is in close proximity. You will be able to travel to Dead Sea from Taba or Taba heights and enjoy your day. You must enjoy this excursion while you are in Taba.

Dolphin Reef Excursion

Take a short drive to the Israel border and enjoy a swim with the Dolphins. This is a must enjoy excursion while you are in Taba. You will have a great time with the lovely creatures while you are in the Dolphin Reef.

Eilat Shopping

If you are looking for a place to buy gifts or things for you, then Eilat is the place to visit. There are many shops in Eilat that will quench your thirst of shopping. Make sure to visit Eilat and get some unique items while enjoying a great shopping experience.