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Holidays To Sharm El Sheikh

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A trip to one of the ancient countries, Egypt will not disappoint your relaxation seeking mind, body and soul. Holidays to Sharm El Sheikh, one of the tranquil coastal pieces of Egypt situated on the coastal strip along the mighty Red Sea is compatible with any type of guests. If you need perfect rest and relaxation, just sunbathe by lying down on the golden sands and gaze at the wavy blue waters of Sharm El Sheikh. If you are an adventure seeker, simply jump in to your diving suit and leap into the Naama beach that boasts perfect underwater amusements. The ideal temperature that prevails in this part of the Red Sea, the crystalline water and the perfect depth of the ocean makes this beach in Sharm El Sheikhan unmatchable scuba diving spot. If you are not interested in going underwater, go above the waters and enjoy the spirit of true tropical holidays by embarking on kite surfing or windsurfing or parasailing or even canoeing. It will be an excitement and fun guaranteed expedition of your life. It’s high time to book holidays to Sharm El Sheikh from Travel Center and be entitled for the best priced tour package. Enjoy our amazingall inclusive holidays to Sharm El Sheikh.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Sharm El Sheikh

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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +02:00 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, Lufthansa, Egyptair, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia



Best Time to Travel

November to April

Modes of Transport

Plane, Bus, Taxi, Metro, Car

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 11.52 EGP

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Sightseeing Tours

Make sure to arrange yourself a sightseeing tour to enjoy and explore the city. There are many tourist guides in the city who will help you to arrange a perfect tour around the city. So make sure to enjoy the city and its beauty by going around the city.

Ras Mohamed National Park

This is the habitat for many amazing wild creatures. Visit this national park and you will see some unique wild creatures roaming freely. Ras Mohamed National Park is an ideal place for a nature lover who is willing to explore the animal life.

Tiran Islands

Great blue waters of the surrounding Ocean and the golden sandy beaches of the islands make this a perfect holiday destination. Tiran Islands will offer you a wonderful holiday and an amazing time relaxing on the beach and engaging in many water activities.

Boat Tours

You can take a boat and ride into the corners of the great blue ocean. You will be able to enjoy the amazing sights while traveling and if you want you can just anchor your boat and spend some time under the sun, relaxing. On your way you will come across many different marine species as well. So this is an ideal activity to be engaged in while you stay at Sharm El Sheikh.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

If you love water sports you will most certainly enjoy this amazing city. Sharm El Sheikh is also a popular destination for Scuba diving and snorkeling. You will be able to explore the depths of the gorgeous blue ocean during your stay in this city.

Dolphina Park

If you love the Dolphins, you will definitely adore their cute actions. Dolphina Park brings these activities live as a performance. You will be able to enjoy the performance of these innocent creatures and have a great time at Dolphina Park in Sharm El Sheikh.

Coptic Church

Located close to the Sharm El Sheikh city Coptic Church is recognized as one of the most attractive churches of Egypt. The Church has a great architectural as well as a historical value. If you explore the Church you will be able to add many things to your knowledge.

Shark’s Bay Beach

Name for this place has been derived with the influence of shark to this place. The shark density in this part of the ocean is extremely high. The beaches and the oceans are filled with sharks. If you want to have a swim, always make sure to check for Sharks.

Aqua Blue Waterpark

Aqua Blue Water Park is another amazing entertainment hub of Sharm El Sheikh. This place will let you enjoy every moment. The amazing water rides will make you feel adventurous as well as satisfy your desire of getting fun. So this is a must visit place of Sharm El Sheikh.

Old Market

It is essential to buy some souvenirs from Sharm El Sheikh to make the trip more memorable. Old Market is the ideal place for you to buy anything starting from souvenirs. You will also find some unique products also. The architectural elements of this market makes it even more attractive.