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Holidays To Marsa Alam

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This south-eastern Egyptian city is well known for its tranquil ambiance and relaxing vibes. Enjoy one of the country’s best diving and snorkelling destinations with holidays to Marsa Alam from Travel Center. Plenty of fun and adventure are guaranteed when you book our all-inclusive holidays to Marsa Alam, with comprehensive travel services offered by Travel Center you can choose a hotel best suited to your budget. Talk to our experts for best times to visit and seasonal offers on flights and accommodation to Marsa Alam. Discover the fascinating emerald mines and Temple of Seti I in Khanais. Lovers of the sea can indulge in diving at Elphinston Reef and Dolphin House while the local markets are a shopaholic’s paradise, but remember to bargain for the best deals. Book holidays to Marsa Alam and enjoy savings on your travel budget, laze your days on the beach, check out the fascinating lure of the Red Sea and indulge in some exotic local cuisine. Hire a camel and explore the Nile Valley, get a taste of traditional Egypt and take back a million memories. Family holidays or romantic getaways it’s all possible with inexpensive holiday packages from Travel Center.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Marsa Alam

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Time Zone

UTC+02:00 hours

Airlines Flying

Thomson Airways, Swiss Airlines, EgyptAir



Best Time to Travel

April to October

Modes of Transport

Ferry, Car, Taxi, Boat, Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 11.52 EGP

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Sharm El Luli

If you are planning for a family holiday, there is no better place than Sharm El Luli. The gorgeous sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters here makes it a heavenly paradise. You can enjoy a relaxing time while engaging in adventurous activities.

Elphinstone Reef

Coral Reefs are some of the most amazing natural creations. You will enjoy the colorful corals and the amazing sea creatures that roam around them if you visit the Elphinstone Reef. This place is also a shark paradise. So don’t take the risk of diving under water to explore the reefs more.

Marsa Mubarak

This is another amazing beach destination of Egypt. Marsa Mubarak is also the home for many sea creatures including the lovely turtles. If you visit at the correct time you will be lucky enough to see the turtles laying eggs on the sandy beaches of Marsa Mubarak.

Dolphin House Reef

If you love the Dolphins and the amazing coral reefs, you will get to enjoy both if you visit Dolphin House Reef. This place is an amazing creation of the nature. This is also an ideal place to explore the life style of the Dolphins.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

If you are adventurous to explore the underwater paradise, you have got ample opportunities to do that in Marsa Alam. You can snorkel into the depths of the amazing blue ocean and enjoy some of the most amazing sea creatures and coral reefs.

Sataya Reef

If you are a competent swimmer, this place is likely to bring a great experience. Lovely Corals and amazing marine life is on view in Sataya Reef for anyone visiting this place. You will definitely enjoy this amazing place.

Port Ghalib

As indicated by the name Port Ghalib accommodates the port of Marsa Alam. You will enjoy the city and its amazing natives who are friendly. You will be able to buy some amazing gifts for your loved ones if you drop by this city while you are in Egypt.

Boat Rentals

Want to ride into the far horizon of the clear blue waters of the Egyptian Ocean? You will have the chance to do that if you visit Marsa Alam. There are many boat rentals in Marsa Alam which allows you to take a boat as per your desire and sail into the deep waters.

Aqua Coraya

Aqua Coraya is an aquatic entertainment park. You will be able to spend some amazing time and have tons of fun if you visit Aqua Coraya. The place is ideal for a family as the kids will have many water activities to enjoy. So don’t forget to visit Aqua Coraya if you are in Marsa Alam.

Astronomy Center

Do you enjoy the night sky and the amazing stars that shine above you? If so then Astronomy Center at Marsa Alam will help you to improve your knowledge on Astronomy. Spend a night in the Marsa Alam Astronomy Center and enjoy the wonders of the night sky.