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Sal Cape Verde is an area filled with sand while being surrounded by the ocean. Once a center for salt mining, hence the name Sal, the area is now a great holiday destination. Holidays to Sal Cape Verde will include great beach climate all year round and many exciting excursions to experience. Be sure to browse the local markets at Sal Cape Verde to find some unique mementoes and gifts to take back home. Basket weaving is an important heritage in Sal as well as cloth weaving. You can see weavers in action and even purchase some for yourself. Clay utensils are another sight you will see in abundance, as it plays a very important role in the day to day lives of the people. With Travel Center you can enjoy all inclusive holidays to Sal Cape Verde where all your travel details are taken care of. Book holidays to Sal Cape Verde and have a holiday experience that will leave you with fond memories that will last a life time.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Sal

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Time Zone

UTC-01:00 hour

Airlines Flying

Thomson Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, TAP Portugal, Royal Air Maroc, Luxair


Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish.

Best Time to Travel

June to February

Modes of Transport

Ferry, Car, Taxi, Boat, Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 149.9 CVE

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Praia de Santa Maria

The soft golden sandy beaches has made Praia de Santa Maria one of the most attractive places of Sal. This beach is ideal to enjoy the sun and rest in utter laziness lying on the beach. The wind blowing through the beach makes the stay even more pleasant.

Boat Tours

Grab a boat from a boat rental company and speed through the clear blue waters. You will have a great time sailing along. Many tourists visiting Sal don’t miss the chance of engaging in a boat tour. You will come across many different Marine Species along your way.

Scuba and Snorkeling

If snorkeling is the thing for you, Sal is one of the most ideal destinations for your vacation. You can snorkel to the depths of the great blue ocean. This place will be a perfect getaway for the adventure lovers and the water sport lovers.

Private Tours

Get a private tour arranged and explore the city as per your desire. You will be able to discover some of the most amazing things in Sal if you go on a private tour. You don’t need to worry about the routes as qualified tourist guides will be there to support you.

Surfing and Windsurfing

The rough ocean and the humungous waves have made Sal a surfing paradise. You will have a great time surfing among the large blue waves. If sea sports are the thing for you, there is no better place than Sal to enjoy them.

Nature and Wildlife Tours

If you are willing to explore the wildlife of Sal and enjoy the amazing nature, you can arrange nature tours while you are in Sal. Sal is the home for thousands of species and you will have a great time exploring their behaviors and habitats.

Turtle Hatchery

Turtles are highly threatened creatures and ranked at the top of the extinction list. Sal has taken a great initiative of protecting these lovely creatures by establishing turtle hatcheries along the coast. If you are willing to see some of these amazing turtle hatcheries, make sure to add Sal into your travel plan.

Funana Casa de Cultura

Funana Casa is more of a cultural destination of Sal. If you are willing to enjoy some native music and enjoy a Funana dance, you must visit this place on a Thursday. Make sure to visit this exciting place while you stay in Sal.

Horseback Riding Tours

If you want to have a different experience and take a horseback ride, Sal will let you enjoy that experience. You will be able to enjoy an exciting horseback ride along the coasts of Sal. This is a perfect activity for an adventure lover who stays in Sal.

Lady Compassion Chapel

You will pass through this small church while you travel along the city. You will understand its value only after you visits that small church which has a long history. So make sure to stop by the Lady Compassion Chapel while you are in a ride and enjoy its amazing beauty and cultural value.