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Being situated by the Western edge of the Mediterranean Sea boarding North Africa, Algiers is the largest and the capital city of Algeria. This coastal city is also known as Alger la Blanche which means “Algiers the White." Due to the fact that a majority of the buildings situated in Algiers are whitewashed and can be seen glistening from the sea, the city is denoted as such. Travelers visiting Algiers will encounter two distinctive features of the city as it comprises modern and ancient cities. The modern town is located along the coastline whilst the ancient city is located approximately 120 meters above from the sea level in the highlands situated behind the modern city. The olden city comprises various vintage ruins of Deys, the rulers of Algiers and Tripoli during the Ottoman Empire which was in power from 1671 to 1830 until the French invasion. Walking down the narrow streets of Kasbah, one of Algiers’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a spiritual visit to the Great Mosque of Algiers, dining at the restaurants and cafes located closer to the port, off the main street are some activities that you should not miss during your visit to Algiers. Embark on the Algiers holidays from Travel Center and enjoy the great holiday deals. Our all-inclusive holidays to Algiers open the doors to witness a city that is home to diverse tourist’s attractions.


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Time Zone

UTC/GMT +1:00 hour

Airlines Flying

Air Algeria, British Airways, Air France, Egypt Air, KLM



Best Time to Travel

April to September

Modes of Transport

Plane, Train, Car, Bus, Boat

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 157.74 DZD

Check out our Top 10 attractions in and make sure you don't miss it

Notre Dame d'Afrique

This is one of the most significant places of Algiers. The cathedral of Notre Dame has attracted thousands of tourists every year. The cathedral displays the architectural pride of the country and you will admire its beauty as well as the architectural value.

Le Jardin d'Essai du Hamma

The classic old botanical garden is a must visit destination of Algiers. This botanical garden is the home for many different varieties of Palm trees. You will be able to see all these different palm trees and many other plants if you visit this amazing place.

Kasbah of Algiers

This is another place which displays the architectural pride of Algeria. The charming buildings of this place has some outstanding designs. Some of the buildings are in ruins. So you need to move around with great care. But this place will certainly guarantee a great experience.

Memorial du Martyr

Commemorating the war of independence, Memorial du Martyr stands as a giant in the middle of Algiers. This concrete monument is recognized as a great icon of Algiers. Don’t miss the great opportunity to witness this amazing monument which represents an important era of the Algerian history.

Le Bastion 23 - Palais des Rais

This place is another architectural extravaganza of Algiers. You will be able to see some of the most creative buildings in Algeria and building materials unique to the country. You also can enjoy some amazing ocean and other views while you are in this place.

Tombeau de la Chretienne

This place accommodates the Ancient Christian Tomb for Marc Antony Juba’s wife and Cleopatra’s Daughter. If you visit Algiers, you can’t miss this monumental place. It is a must visit place that has a great historical value.

Musee National du Bardo

This is another amazing museum of Algiers. It contains a large number of objects, art and remains including the skeleton of the Queen of Touaregs, Tin Hinan. This place is definitely worth the visit as it has many interesting things on offer for you.

Musee de l'Armee

This is the war museum of Algiers. You can witness some of the amazing remains of the ancient wars of the country. There are many different exhibits including battleships, weapons and armories. The place is ideal for a history explorer.

Le Musee National Des Beaux Arts

If you love modern paintings and sculptures this is the place to visit. The arts center is mostly included with French impressionists. If you want to spend some time enjoying amazing art creations there is no place better than Le Musee National Des Beaux Arts.

Le Port de Sidi Fredj

This is the port city of Algiers. You can enjoy the gorgeous sun sets and ocean views while you stay in this place. The port is an extremely busy place. So you need to make sure that you visit the place at the right time if you want to enjoy the magnificent beauty.