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Fly Now Pay Later Flights

Travel Now, Pay Later with Travel Center!

Worried about settling a hefty flight ticket in one go? You are not alone! Travelling has always been and will continue to become a transformative period of many lives. However, all good things seem to come with a price tag - and sometimes, that tag might be bigger than what you had hoped for; this is where our Fly Now Pay Later flights comes into play.

How does this scheme solve your problems? Well, the name speaks for itself! Our Fly Now Pay Later flights program lets you spread the cost of your air travel over some time. We charge a small, one-off transaction fee when booking your flight arrangement & you can gradually cover your cost once you get back from your holiday.

All you have to do is browse through our Fly Now Pay Later flight offers & pick the price that's right for you. Plus, to make things better, Travel Center offers you the chance to fly with over 80+ international airlines. From Emirates to British Airways, we have all your favourite airlines in one place.

What's the catch? Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is a 100% catch-free zone. We are transparent and passionate about lending a helping hand to you & treating you fairly as a customer. We always want to help where we can, and our Fly Now Pay Later flights program is our newest way of ensuring that travelling remains as affordable & simple as possible.

Two Simple Payment Solutions

We offer outstanding value. Book with us today.

01- Flexible instalments by Fly Now Pay Later

With the Fly Now Pay Later offer, you can now fly as much as you want and travel with total peace of mind. We understand that your holiday, flight and accommodation sometimes tend to be accompanied by a hefty price tag, which is why we have decided to re-focus on our flexible payment plan offered to our customers. This scheme will allow you to spread the cost of your trip over a period of time, even after your trip, so that you won't have to make a wallet-wrenching payment before you leave.

Instant settlement at point of booking
Financial Protection Included
Loved By Late Bookers
02- Payment Plan by Travel Center UK

Not in love with the price of your travel? Not a problem, we have a simple solution that will help you skip over this pricey predicament! With our flexible payment plan, you will be able to spread the cost of your bookings over a selected period of time; this means that you can choose to cover the cost of your trip weekly, bi-weekly or through monthly instalments. At Travel Center, we let you decide what's best for you & your wallet!

Instant settlement at point of booking
No credit checks
Loved By Early Bookers



Be over
18 years old
Be a resident
of the UK
Have a UK
mobile number

Reasons To Book with Travel Center

Here's why you should take advantage of our fly now pay later scheme

01- Access to Game-Changing Holiday Products & Services

With our industry-pioneering travel partners, you'll able to find the flight or holiday that fits you like a glove. In addition, we make your time with us better because we understand how frustrating it can be to save up when the desire to travel is burning in your heart. Thankfully, you can travel now and pay later with our Fly now, Pay Later program

02- Personalised Expert Advice

At Travel Center, we have enlisted a special group of travel experts to handle your flight & holiday requirements. Therefore, it is our guarantee that you will be subject to stellar service, unbiased advice and an overall booking experience you'll remember! Isn't that enough reason to spread your wings and take off with our Fly now Pay later scheme?

03- Enhanced Covid-19 Policies

As one of the leading & most trusted travel agencies in the UK, we have nurtured the responsibility of being aware of what many of our customers are facing due to the pandemic. Therefore, we have adjusted our policies to suit your needs better & help you travel at a pace where you feel comfortable at all times - this policy also extends to our fly now pay later scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your questions about our Fly Now, Pay Later program!

1. How does Fly Now Pay Later work?

Travel Center's Fly Now Pay Later flights work as a flexible payment plan which aims at giving passengers a quantifiable amount of time to fully pay for their purchases - only charging a minimum deposit to secure their booking. Giving you the time to fully experience your holiday without the thought of your ticket’s price weighing on your mind.

2. Can you pay for flights in instalments?

Yes, this is the very purpose of Travel Center's Fly Now Pay Later flights program. It is our hope that it will encourage more passengers to fly at ease without worrying about their bank balance.

3. Which airline does the Fly Now Pay Later scheme apply to?

At Travel Center, we let our passengers choose from over 80 international airlines. To find out if your pick made the Fly Now Pay Later cut, call/send a message to our travel experts.

4. How do I apply for the Fly Now Pay Later scheme?

To apply for the Fly Now Pay Later scheme, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years or above
  • Be a UK resident
  • Have a registered mobile number
  • Have a debit card at your address

5. What are the lending terms of the Fly Now Pay Later scheme?

Travel Center's Fly Now Pay Later plan predisposes you to finance/lending for both pre-departure & post-departure itineraries. Therefore, passengers are free to cover the cost of their arrangement before or after they travel.

6. How does Fly Now Pay Later work?

The fees and interest of our Fly Now Pay Later scheme is highly dependent on the customer's credit profile, which means there might be a one-off transaction fee or low monthly interest charged by Fly Now Pay Later. Further details will be specified during the application process. This will be explained in detail once you contact one of our travel experts.

7. Is a deposit mandatory?

A minimum deposit would have to be made for our Fly Now Pay Later financing options to secure the booking. Once agreed, this deposit will be deducted from the total basket/lending value.

8. What are the essential factors of Travel Center's Fly Now Pay Later plan?

We make it a point to let our customers know all of the below important points:

  • Applicants will only qualify for a return itinerary (one-way itineraries will not be considered).
  • All itineraries are required to start & finish in the UK.
  • The applicant does not necessarily have to be the traveller. (Anyone can pay for the itinerary; however, we will only service the applicant)
  • Applications are subject to a credit check.
  • A 7-day departure lead time is required for all applications.
  • We do accept retired people; however, the maximum age cap is 75.
  • We do not accept employment status’ as 'Unemployed' and 'Homemaker', but we do accept all residential statuses.

9. How can I pay for my Fly Now Pay Later financing?

Our Fly Now Pay Later scheme accepts all major debit cards, except for American Express & VISA Electron.

10. What is Fly Now Pay Later?

Fly Now Pay Later 2021 - 2022 is our third-party program that allows our customers to spread the cost of their travel expenditures over monthly instalments. Our Fly Now Pay Later flights 2021 - 2022 program exactly does what it claims, and you can be off to your dream destination without worrying about your financials. All you have to do is call our agents and inquire them about this service.