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Visit a country that has a sunset state, cowboy state, an apple state, beef state, cave state and even a baked bean state! All these are nicknames for the states that come under the United States of America. Whether it is the Wild West or Hollywood, the Grand Canyon or Disneyland, US attracts tourists due its diverse scenery, interesting places to visit and of course the entertainment. Enjoy great sunsets and sunrises at the sandstone Grand Canyon, a 227-mile American icon. Enjoy the beauty of the wild Colorado River or Mount Rushmore, where sculptures of four US presidents can be witnessed. This mountainside edifice is considered the largest work of art on earth. Miami, Hawaii, California, and Florida offer some marvelous beaches. America is a place for those seeking thrill, excitement and lots of fun. The neon hub blaring ads at the Times Square too is always full of people. Take a trip to Las Vegas, the gambling capital in the world and try out your luck at gambling. Find yourself sipping a colourful cocktail and relaxing in Hawaii or on a boat enjoying the view of New York's Statue of Liberty. The United States is a favourite among travelers.

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