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The historical city of Aleppo is the largest and most populous city in Syria. The city is known to have been inhabited for over 8 millennia, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Aleppo is considered an endpoint in the historical trade route known as the Silk Road. Although political reasons have made Aleppo lose its position as a key city for trade, it has also led to the old city being well-preserved even in modern times. Book cheap flights to Aleppo by calling Travel Center UK today! Our team of experienced travel experts is equipped to give you the best deals on cheap flights to Aleppo. Aleppo’s main architectural feature is its variety, as the city has been ruled by Romans, Byzantines, Seljuqs, Mamluks and Ottomans, among others, over its long and colourful history. The city hosts a large collection of historical buildings and monuments. The city of Aleppo is served by the Aleppo International Airport and we have teamed up with world-class airlines to ensure that you travel in safety and comfort to this exciting destination in Syria. Contact us today and ask us about cheap flights to Aleppo, and whether you are on business or on holiday to Aleppo, we have flights that match your needs. Book cheap flights to Aleppo over the phone and get personalised service. You will also get specialised services such as finding the cheapest rates owning to price fluctuations and advice on the best time for booking.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Aleppo

Here are the top travel tips for exploring Aleppo and living it like a local

Time Zone

UTC/GMT +03 hours

Airlines Flying

British Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, US Airways


Arabic (official); Kurdish, Armenian, Aramaic, Circassian widely understood, French, English

Best Time to Travel

March to May and between September to November.

Modes of Transport

Rental Cars

Currency Exchange Rate

1 GBP = 293.822 SYP
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look for a hassle-free travel experience and we strive to deliver more than what you expect.


Check out our Top 10 attractions in Aleppo and make sure you don't miss it

Great Mosque of Aleppo

The Great Mosque of Aleppo or the Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo is the largest and one of the oldest mosques in the city of Aleppo, Syria.

Sheraton Aleppo Hotel

The Sheraton Aleppo Hotel is a five-star hotel opened in the beginning of 2007 in the ancient part of Aleppo city, within the historic walls, on Al-Khandaq street, Aqabeh district, near the Bab al-Faraj clock tower.

National Museum of Aleppo

The National Museum of Aleppo is the largest museum in the city of Aleppo, Syria, and was founded in 1931. It is located in the heart of the northern city on Baron Street, adjacent to the famous Baron Hotel and near the Bab al-Faraj clock tower.

Khusruwiyah Mosque

The Khusruwiyah Mosque is a mosque complex in Aleppo, Syria. It is located southeast of the Citadel. The mosque was commissioned by Khusraw [Hüsrev] Pasha while he was governor of Aleppo under Sultan Suleiman I.