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Syria is one of the world's great unsung travel destinations. And it's unsung for a reason: the country's testy relationship with the West has largely protected its rich history and natural wonders from the erosions of tourism. The size of the country means any visitor can pack plenty in. The classic route is north-south between the big cities, with an excursion to the desert halfway – but there are plenty of variations. In order to find out what this rich and diverse country has on offer and to get offers on cheap flight deals to Saudi Arabia, talk to our travel experts at Travel center. If you want a city-break, you have two great metropolises to choose from, each now boasting many characterful boutique hotels. There's the capital, Damascus – perhaps the world's oldest continuously inhabited city – and Aleppo, its equally venerable northern cousin, whose moody, all-dispensing souks seem to rise straight from some Biblical illustration.

The Travel Center is equipped to answer your many queries and ensure that you will have a peaceful and hassle free trip. Our travel experts have years of experience in ensuring that you get the best deals at the cheapest flights. With access to many airlines we will ensure you get the best in travel luxury. With many flights to Syria you could choose your entry point to this haven. You could travel into Damascus International Airport which lies 26km from the city centre or Aleppo Airport which is a 20-minute and 6km journey from Aleppo city centre So talk to our Travel Experts at Travel Center in order to make your ultimate itinerary to Syria, they will ensure that your dream vacation becomes reality. With many flight options, they will ensure you get the cheapest flights from UK to any of these international airports, while ensuring to make your vacation extra special.


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