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Lebanon is tiny nation (10,452km² in area) with 3.7 million occupants) inside the Middle East district with its metropolis being Beirut. It has a lengthy shoreline on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and splits a lengthy land partition with its much bigger neighbor Syria in the north and the east, a much tinier (and presently "hot") boundary with Israel in the south. This little Mediterranean nation is a charming connection tip of the Middle East and the West; of Christianity and Islam; of custom and innovation. It’s a location where lifestyle, family and faith are all-essential, but where religious violence could too frequently explode – demanding lives and damaging both the terrain and the state spirit. Trimmed by golden beaches, sprinkled with World Heritage Sites and residence to the Middle East's chief party metropolis, Lebanon has all the trademarks of a typical tourist destination, so book your cheap flights to Lebanon from Travel Center and experience this stunning destination!

For now, a delicate peace succeeds in Lebanon, which spreads a sincere greeting to foreign tourists. Nowhere is this more transparent than in the metropolis, Beirut, a welcoming party town inserted amid the Mediterranean Sea and the slopes of Mount Lebanon. Distinguished by its pleasant occupants, intense shoreline and tasty food, active Beirut rests at the intersections amid Europe and Arabia. Impacts from east and west overflow – it is not unusual to hear the call to prayer contending with DJs in a few of the active portions of town. Even though structures still have the marks of previous battles, the metropolis is a progressive metropolis where the largest risk today looks to be the traffic flow – crossing the road could seem like a dangerous sport. When you get your flights to Lebanon and arrive here you’ll learn that even though it’s tiny in magnitude, Lebanon possesses five UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus the metropolis of Byblos, one of the ancient Phoenician harbors, and the powerful ruins of Baalbeck in the Hezbollah-run Bekaa Valley, one of the best samples of Greco-Roman construction in existence.

Other features plus the outstanding cedar jungles and Christian abbeys of the Holy Valley, and also the historic metropolises of Tyr and Tripoli, residence to one of the most ancient harbors in the world. And if that's not adequate, there's always skiing in Mount Lebanon. Permitted, it may not be a clear spot to hit the hills, but there are a couple of sites in this world that could provide sun, sand and skiing in one day. But then Lebanon is not your regular destination. Grab our top flight deals to Lebanon and make sure you tour these attractions and take part in the activities; the harbor region of Al Mina, Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve, American University of Beirut, Archaeological locations; Baalbeck; Positioned on the south western hills of the Anti-Lebanon scale in the Bekaa Valley, Temple of Jupiter is the biggest Roman shrine, Beirut beaches, Beirut's Central District, Beiteddine; Positioned on an elevation in the center of the Chouf Mountains,

the outstanding fort of Beiteddine, Byblos; The attractive Unesco World Heritage recorded fortified coastal town, Downtown Beirut, Tour the Gibran Museum in Besharre, Explore the remarkable Jeita Grotto; about 20km (13 miles) north of Beirut, Palm Islands; the Palm Islands Nature Reserve, Pigeon Rocks, Go scuba-diving and snorkeling in the waters near the historic metropolis of Tyre, Sea fortress, Ski among a Mediterranean setting, Seize the ancient Beirut in the metropolis's old bazaars, Teleferique cable car placed on the borders of Beirut, Tripoli; Lebanon's second and most Arabian metropolis, See the green turtles and rare birds on the Island of Palm Trees, Tyre; another of Lebanon's must see archaeological locations and a Unesco World Heritage spot, Vineyards of the Bekaa Valley, notable vineyards like the Chateau Musar found in an 18th century palace and Chateau Ksara and Try out the watersports on offer. The main airport Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport is situated 9km (6 miles) south of Beirut metropolitan hub. Look through Travel Center’s top flight deals to Lebanon that we have mentioned in this section, and you are sure to discover one that benefits you. And if you’re looking for something special then our skilled travel agents are well prepared to provide you with a brilliant range of special flight deals and all of our flights to Lebanon consists of ways to make your trip more pleasant!


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