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Jordan is a nation in Middle East that is nearly inland apart from a tiny 28km opening on the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba and a front on the Dead Sea). It's surrounded by Israel and the West Bank in the west, by Syria in the north, by Iraq in the east and by Saudi Arabia in the south. Book your cheap flights to Jordan and you’ll discover that it’s a secure harbor in a district of war, and that this destination has pleased tourists for years with its World Heritage Sites, welcoming settlements and motivating desert terrains. It’s simple to understand why Lawrence of Arabia was so fascinated with Jordan. Perhaps the most attractive destination in the Middle East, this historic Arab empire is a friendly nation filled with impressive landscape and significant ruins. When you get flights to Jordan you’ll also discover that most tourists tour this nation with its past in mind, and reasonably so. The nation is soaked in tales from the bygone days, with the relics to verify it. There’s the 2,000-year-old “lost metropolis” of Petra, sculpted from rose-red sandstone precipices by the Nabateans, and the fabled Lawrence of Arabia track, which takes travelers from his run-down castle at Azraq to the splendid deserts of Wadi Rum. Significant biblical locations flourish; tourists could walk down pilgrimage paths stated in the Old Testament, take in sights of the Promised Land shown to Moses and tour Bethany-by-the-Jordan where John baptized Jesus.

If Jordan’s overpowering ancient locations start to exhaust you, take a healing swim in the beneficial waters of the Dead Sea, try scuba diving above coral ridges in the Red Sea or stay in the desert with Bedouins, who provide tourists a look into their customary way of living. For all its past and pure charm, though, Jordan looks ahead. Its comparatively steady financial and governmental place in the Middle East has powered rejuvenation, mainly in the metropolis Amman. With fresh upmarket resorts, eateries and bars, the metropolis is no longer just a starting point from which to tour the historic locations, but a destination on its own right. In Jordan, friendliness is ruler. Everywhere you tour you would hear warm words of greetings, and would frequently be asked over into stores or peoples’ houses for a glass of sweet tea and a chat. In other locations this may start a hard-marketing operation of carpet-lashing, but in Jordan, it’s nearly always accepted merely of a regard to become involved with a tourist. Grab our best flight deals to Jordan and visit these attractions and make sure you check out these activities too; adore the astonishing ruins at the Amman Citadel; an Early-Islamic monarch’s castle, Byzantine cathedrals, the Hand of Hercules and the Roman Temple of Hercules, be enthralled by colorful aquatic life at Aqaba,

Make some time for Petra; one of the prominent marvels of the Middle Eastern world a metropolis cut from hard stone, the el Khazneh (The Treasury) shrine, the Temple of the Winged Lions and the al-Deir (Monastery), Uncover Jerash's memorable history, Take a trip into the desert to tour Qasr Tuba, Tour the waters at the Baptism Site, Discover Bedouin lifestyle in Feynan, Drift in the Dead Sea, Listen back to millions of years at Jordan Museum, Amman, Trek the Dana Nature Reserve, Create time for the montages at Umm Ar Rasas; a UNESCO World Heritage Location, Steer the King's Highway, See springtime blossoms in Um Qais (Biblical Gadara), Observe the wildlife at the Azraq Wetlands, Take a trip of the Desert Castles, Discover the Crusader palace at Karak, Uncover the black jewel of the desert; Qasr al-Azraq palace, Roam Wadi Rum on camelback and Lace your way to the settlement of Mukawir. The main airport is Amman Queen Alia International Airport which is situated 32km (20 miles) south of Amman. Looking for cheap flight deals in the world? You have come to the right place! Travel Center UK provides cheap flights to Jordan, in partnership with its loyal airline partners, and offers you the leading flight deals on a daily basis. All of our flight offers comprise of methods to make your trip more enjoyable and hassle free, so book your flights to Jordan from Travel Center right now!


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