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Portugal is far more than just Lisbon and Porto, its biggest cities. Discover a captivating landscape of lush river valleys and rocky mountains in the north and centre of the country with pretty beaches and dry plains in the south. Beach lovers are spoilt for choice on Portugal's extensive coastline. And, if you want to mix some culture with all this majestic scenery, there are monasteries, convents and cathedrals that are marvels of architecture. Our friendly team is available to assist you with your booking or any questions you may have, so why wait? Call us at Travel Center UK, we offer flights in partnership with dedicated airline partners, and provide you with the top flight deals to Portugal on a daily basis. All you have to do is speak to our skilled travel agents who will fashion the holiday of your dreams for just the right price!

With many place and spaces to choose from, you could take a stroll through the winding streets of Porto’s Unesco-protected historical centre or a boat out to Ilha da Berlenga – a dramatic, craggy island, that has been declared a nature reserve thanks to its population of gulls, cormorants and puffins, or for those history buffs you can take a trip back in time, really far back in time, when you visit Foz Côa national park, where you’ll find medieval crosses, Roman ruins and prehistoric rock art, for those who want to laze around, you can soak up the atmosphere in the hill town of Coimbra – the site of Portugal first university and the capital of Portugal’s distinctive fado music. You have a choice of three airports to fly to, Lisbon 7 km from the city, Faro 4 km from the city and Oporto 11km km from the city. Our UK based office is manned by experienced travel consultants and every trip we run stems from their first-hand knowledge. So call us up at Travel Center for the cheapest flights from UK, while taking you though each step of the process, advising you on everything from the most interesting accommodation to advice on tipping. At Travel Center we ensure a ‘satisfied customers’.


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look for a hassle-free travel experience and we strive to deliver more than what you expect.