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Changsha is the capital of Hunan Province in south-central China. Inhabited from prehistoric times, Changsha was an important city throughout history due to its strategic location as a port. Even today, the city acts as an important centre for trade and commerce in Southern China. Book cheap flights to Changsha by calling Travel Center UK today! Our team of experienced Travel experts is equipped to give you the best deals on cheap flights to Changsha. Changsha is an important centre for TV and entertainment arts, and has many TV stations that produce some of the most popular programs in China. Changsha is home to the Lei Feng Memorial and statue, one of the main attractions of the city. Changsha is also the site of the tallest proposed building in the world, the Sky City skyscraper. Changsha has the largest Chinese restaurant in the world, the 5000-seat capacity West Lake Restaurant. The city of Changsha is served by the Changsha Huanghua International Airport and we have teamed up with world-class airlines to ensure that you travel in safety and comfort to this exciting destination in China. Contact us today and ask us about cheap flights to Changsha, and whether you are on business or on holiday to Changsha, we have flights that match your needs. Book cheap flights to Changsha over the phone and get personalised service. You will also get specialised services such as finding the cheapest rates owning to price fluctuations and advice on the best time for booking.


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Travel Tips for when you're in Changsha

Here are the top travel tips for exploring Changsha and living it like a local

Time Zone

UTC/GMT +8 hours

Airlines Flying

Air China, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, China Southern, China Eastern



Best Time to Travel

Aug - Sep

Modes of Transport

By Bus

Currency Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 9.47516 CNY
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Check out our Top 10 attractions in Changsha and make sure you don't miss it

Changsha Ferris wheel

The best place to enjoy the panorama of the city, it is one of the 4 Ferris wheels in China. Take your kids and families to enjoy a ride in this iconic structure while in Changsha.


Visit this famous archaeological site, which is known for tombs of people from the western Han Dynasty. One can also enjoy a great collection of artefacts of lacquerwares

Lake Dongting

The origin of dragon boat racing, Lake Dongting is one of the famous shallow lakes in the Hunan Province. This lake is also home to native species, Finless Porpoise.

Yueyang Tower

An interesting place for historic buffs, nestled on the shore of Lake Dongting, is this massive ancient structure. This tower is known to be one of the three Great Towers of Jiangnan.

Hunan Provincial Museum

Pay a visit to this interesting museum, which is also provincial museum in the city. Exhibiting more than 180,000 items, it also comprises the tombs of the Marquis of Dai and his wife in Mawangdui.


A UNESCO declared World Heritage Site; it is part of the Wuling Range. Noted for quartzite sandstone pillars, the area offers scenic sights including the panoramic views of the Five Fingers of Huangshizhai

Yuele Mountain

An excellent place for adventure travellers, make it here to enjoy breathtaking sights. Enjoy views of Lushan Temple, Yunlu Palace, White Crane Spring and Aiwan Pavilion

Yuelu Academy

Pay a visit to see the remarkable structure for beautiful architecture and rich history. This years old academy is a center for culture and learning of southern China.

Martyrs Park

Make it here to spend the day with your loved ones or to escape the buzz in the city. The park features a beautiful lake, which allows visitors to enjoy boat rides and a memorial, which honours the lost lives during the fight to forming a communist government.

Kaifu Temple

A significant place of worship in the city, this is also the main Buddhist Temple in Changsha. Enjoying the homage of many pilgrims, others can visit this temple for the architecture