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Guatemala is a tiny nation (the extent of Ohio) in the Central America district. It has boundaries with Mexico to the north/northwest, with Belize to the northeast, with Honduras to the southeast, with El Salvador to the south. It has a Pacific shoreline in the southwest, and a small part of Caribbean shoreline in the east. Central America’s most varied nation charms tourists with its amazing terrains and a society that covers lifestyles that go back years. Book cheap flights to Guatemala and you’ll find that it meekly has everything: from colonial settlements to Mayan remains, brilliant mountain lakes to lively spiritual commemorations, sandy beaches to tropical forests. Frequent tourists to the nation discover that they depart educated; societies they thought were long gone are discovered flourishing, Tomb Raider terrains they believed were imaginary are displayed to be genuine.

Ancient times is at the center of Guatemala, and the nation is residence to several remarkable Mayan archaeological locations, most notably the massive UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tikal, where prominent strongholds peek between the jungle covering and monkeys swing past the extensive historic squares. The pine-wooded mountains of the moorlands are residence to various Mayan societies, whose native opinions, customary clothing, spiritual applications and workmanship, thrive. Certainly, Guatemala has about 21 diverse tribal sets, conversing around 23 dialects offering it a unique lifestyle like nowhere else in the district. While Guatemala possess some really gorgeous metropolises – most particularly Antigua, an exclusive colonial settlement encircled by fiery volcanoes – Guatemala’s true delight is its environment. The prominent Lake Atitlan in the plateaus is a spot of rare charm and provides numerous adventure pursuits stretching from fishing to scuba diving, so get your flights to Guatemala from Travel Center right now!

On the other part of the nation, the massive and distant district of Peten holds the state’s densest forest, residence to long-deserted Mayan remains that only a few get to glimpse. Elsewhere, huge lakes, lava-emitting volcanoes, black sandy beaches, pure hot springs and deafening rivers merge to create the most terrestrially varied destination in Central America. Though constantly striking, Guatemala is a country of differences; a destination where Catholic churches survive beside Mayan shrines, where rough plateaus make way to exotic forests, and where the inheritance of its historic societies is as obvious as its current, Latin American lifestyle. Many tourists experience nothing but friendliness and generosity from its inhabitants, and also grand terrains that make them think why they didn’t explore this country earlier. Grab our top flight deals to Guatemala and visit these leading attractions and take part in these top activities; Zigzag across the forest; there are numerous chances for canopy expeditions about Antigua and Tikal, Hike Mayan pyramids; at Tikal, Guatemala’s most popular archaeological location and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Uncover Quetzaltenango; surrounded by three high volcanoes and protects a mainly Mayan occupants, Start on a forest escapade at Ixpanpajul Nature Park, Relish Caribbean seaside existing in Livingston a vibrant, energetic town, Tour the distinctive plateaus district of Western Guatemala, Get acquainted with Guatemala City, Parque Central (flanked by the National Palace and the Cathedral), the massive respite map in Minerva Park,

the metropolis's National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Trek a functioning volcano; Volcan Pacaya, Relax on black sands at Monterrico, Buy native handiworks at settlements such as Jocotenango (famous for its porcelains) and San Antonio Aguascalientes (renowned for fabrics), if you want to purchase silver, clay and leather handicrafts visit Salamá, while Momostenango (City of Altars) is the place to go for traditional handmade ponchos, View the sparkling Lake Atitlán, Shop for mementos at Chichicastenango Market, Swim in the blue pools of Semuc Champey Natural Park which is one of Guatemala’s most immaculate beauty locations, Try the water at Atitlán, Río Dulce, Lakes Izabal, the speeding rivers, like El Cahabón, El Chiquibul, El Motagua, La Pasión and El Usamacinta, Travel the Río Dulce by boat, Stroll the paved roads of Flores; located on an island in the center of Lake Peten Itza and Stroll the previous colonial metropolis Antigua. The main airport is La Aurora International Airport it’s situated 6km (4 miles) south of the metropolis. Look through Travel Center’s top flight deals to Guatemala that we have mentioned in this section, and you are sure to locate one that benefits you. And if you’re looking for something special then our skilled travel agents are well prepared to provide a brilliant range of special flight deals and all of our flights to Guatemala consists of ways to make your trip more pleasant!


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