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The Bahamas or The Bahama Islands, is an island comprising of around 2,000 islands if you include the islands, which are tiny islands that are shaped on coral reefs. Famous as an oceanic playground for sun-hungry Americans, this spectacular series of subtropical islands is so much more than a cruise-ship halt. Extended amid the deepness of the North Atlantic and Florida's eastern shore, the Bahamas contains nearly 700 islands and 2400 isles, many unoccupied, and all edged by remarkable coral and incomprehensible sea channels. From the gravel and activity of rhythmic Nassau to the massive mangroves of Andros, there's an amazing range of beaches, reefs, jungles and ancient towns to be found, all in the scope of an hour's flight. You should book flights to the Bahamas right away as the private bays and crowd-free beaches here provide tourists the familiarity of an isolated haven in a paradisiacal area of about 700 palm-rimmed isles. Inaugurated baja mar (meaning ‘shallow sea’) by Christopher Columbus, these isles, with their amazing shades of sand and ocean covering the color variety from sparkling turquoise to rose pink, are the epitome of heaven. Transparent waters conceal historic shipwrecks and multi-colored coral reefs, while pastel-shaded seashells and dazzling clapboard homes rest atop a tropical terrain that echoes with tropical birdsong. The complete onslaught of watersports gesture for the lively holidaymaker: from snorkeling and scuba diving to sailing and parasailing, there’s more than enough to get the heart racing here.

Take a look at our top flight deals to the Bahamas and make sure you visit these top attractions; Harbour Island, Paradise Island, Cable Beach, the metropolis of Nassau, Abacos Islands, for bone-fishing Andros, Bimini possess the top big game, Eleuthera; the gem of the Out Islands, the lost metropolis of Atlantis, Abacos, the eco islands of Inagua, Lucayan National Park, Grand Bahama Island, Cat’s Island’s; Mount Alvernia, Big Major Cay, Blue Lagoon Island and celebrate in the pure streams, bird-packed jungles, dense mangroves and pastel-shaded coral on uncharted Andros – the world’s third-lengthiest barrier reef, situated between the Out Islands. Pack your trekking shoes and tour the group of nature keeps that are dispersed all over the island. Carry your binoculars as well and keep an eye out for the numerous bird types that call the Bahamas home. The main airports are Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport, which is located 16km (10 miles) west of Nassau, on New Providence Island and Grand Bahama International Airport. Whatever you do, make certain you book your cheap flights to the Bahamas and experience the colorfulness that never concludes to attack your senses. Book your flights to the Bahamas with us at Travel Center UK, and enjoy a stress free holiday, as we provide the best flight deals, together with our dedicated airline partners and offer you with the top deals on flights on a regular basis!


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