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Bangladesh is a nation government in Southern Asia (uniting with Southeast Asia), flanking the Bay of Bengal to the South, nearly completely surrounded by the Republic of India in the West, North and East, as well as Myanmar in the Southeast. Even though off the beaten track by almost any dimension, Bangladesh is inhabited by welcoming natives. The reason why you should travel to Bangladesh is because it’s South Asia's greenest gem – a nation interweaved with rivers, with a wealthy lifestyle waiting to be toured by innovative tourists. India’s quiet eastern cousin, Bangladesh rests softly beneath monsoon skies at the entrance of the Jamuna River, one of the world’s prominent outlets. Earlier East Pakistan, this fascinating backwater obtained independence during 1971 following a civil war that still plays a key part in the countrywide spirit. A flood of travelers was foretold after independence, but this has yet to happen, meaning tourists have Bangladesh’s numerous and diverse attractions to themselves. Book your flights to Bangladesh and make sure you explore these attractions; the thumping center of the Bengali metropolis, Old Dhaka – as well as the well-known landmarks Ahsan Manxzil, Lalbagh Fort and the Baitul Mukarram Mosque; the 10th largest in the world, the lengthy sandy beach of Kuakata, Archaeological locations like; Paharpur, Mahasthanagarh and Sherpur, quiet Sonargaon, Maheskali Island, Sylhet Division; northeast of Dhaka, recognized as ‘the land of two leaves and a bud’ due to its extensive custom of developing excellent Indian teas, Sundarbans National Park, the town of Bagerhat; situated in the southwest, nearby Khulna, Cox’s Bazaar, Inani Beach; the world’s lengthiest and widest beach, Kaptai Lake and the second biggest metropolis in Bangladesh; Chittagong.

Bangladesh’s hectic metropolis, Dhaka, was at one point the chief harbor for entire Bengal, and its rickshaw-packed roads offer a washed-out mirror to Kolkata over the border. South of Dhaka, the Jamuna River fractures into a knot of jungle-blocked waterways as you come into the Sundarbans, one of the last sanctuaries of the Bengal tiger. The south of Bangladesh is something else entirely; hot beaches make way for woody mountains that conceal a range of Buddhist and animist communities. The main airports are Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport. Above everything else, Bangladesh is a destination to leave the typical travel diagram. Here, you wouldn’t have to stand in line to be astonished. Are you searching for the low-priced flight deals in the world? You have come to the correct place! Travel Center UK offers the best flight deals to Bangladesh, in cooperation with its dedicated airline partners, and gives you the top cheap flights on a day-to-day basis. Get in touch with us at Travel Center and we will help you create a holiday that you would not have imagined, get your cheap flights to Bangladesh with Travel Center and experience a well-organized getaway for you and your family.


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