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Afghanistan is a closed in and hilly nation in the center of Asia, surrounded by Pakistan in the south and east, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north. There is a small border with China in the far northeast, but in tremendously unreachable land. The nation has numerous gorges. Its terrain shields 652,000 square kilometers (252,000 sq mi) and most of it is enclosed by the Hindu Kush mountain scale, which encounters extremely chilly winters. The north comprises of lush savannas, while the south-west comprises of deserts where climates could get extremely hot during summers. Kabul performs as the metropolis and its biggest city. So go ahead and book your cheap flights to Afghanistan at Travel Center and take pleasure in your holiday which will be trouble-free. Tourists should travel to Afghanistan for its classic landscape and rocky peaks, the chance to communicate with native societies, inhale clear mountain air and tour historic locations like the massive Buddha figurines of Bamiyan. Inclined to take in the ancient but war-torn metropolis of Kabul, peak villages, historic defenses and some remaining Buddhist locations, excursions are normally led in tiny groups and are bound to be costly. The nation is also still a captivating tender pot of traditional and ethnic sets. The main dialects are Pashto and Dari Persian. A little bit of English and Russian might also be conversed.

Book your flights through Travel Center and make sure that you also tour these main attractions that are available for travelers; the tough metropolis Kabul, the recuperating Kabul Museum, the “Red City” of Shari-i-Zohak situated around 17km (11 miles) from Bamiyan, the gorge of Paghman, the Hindu Kush; a desolate and isolated area comprising of two enormous mountain scales, the Bibi Mahru Hill, Afghan art in the National Gallery, Jalalabad, the metropolis of the Nangarhar Province, Ka Faroshi bird fair, Babur’s Gardens (Bagh-e-Babur); the remarkable and ancient garden in Kabul and the exceptional Sultani Museum. The chief airport is the Kabul International Airport and it’s located 16km (10 miles) from the metropolis. We provide exceptionally low-cost charges on flights which are custom-made to your particular needs so browse through our latest flight offers and reserve your next holiday with us today! Travel Center UK helps you match your flight demands in partnership with all our main airlines, and gives you the best flight deals on a day-to-day basis!


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