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Mali is an inland nation in the Sahel, flanked by Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal, and Mauritania. It has some magnificent marvels, plus four UNESCO World-Heritage spots, and the ancient metropolis of Timbuktu. Book your cheap flights to Mali and you’ll discover that like an attractive sandcastle shaped in a severe desert terrain, this destination is endowed with an astonishing number of charm, marvels, skills and information. With a past ruined by governmental uncertainty, it's barely shocking that Mali is absent from many tourist’s bucket lists. But as harmony gradually comes back to this grimy nation, tourists are filtering back to uncover the nation’s ethnic gems – of which there are several. Though it’s difficult to see how one of the most isolated countries in the world, situated deep inside the Sahara Desert, ever turned into a hub of world knowledge, Timbuktu is not just a term for long distances, but also a globally renowned hub of information: its libraries have influential transcripts on stargazing, arithmetic and ideology going back to the 16th century. Intimately connected to Timbuktu by the Saharan marketing in gold, salt and slaves, Djenné is recognized all over the world for its brick construction, specifically the Grand Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the biggest mud-brick structure in the world.

Get your flights to Mali and make sure you visit Bamako, Mali’s metropolis, which might not comprise of the traditional appeals of Djenné or Timbuktu, but it contains a captivating assortment of structural designs and a stylish position on the edge of the River Niger. What’s more, it is the main hub of the nation’s customary music scene and Malians of all backgrounds swarm to the nightclubs of Bamako to dance the night away to the beat of the kora, a lute-like instrument. The most diverse of Mali’s inhabitants are the Dogon, whose private, mountain-side settlements grip to pure stone surfaces. Purposely separating themselves from the impacts of nearby clans they have formed a lifestyle with no resemblance in the district. A country of distant metropolises, fascinating societies and construction like nowhere else in the world, Mali’s setting as a traditional force is well established and its cautious paces towards solidity have unlocked a possibility of unearthing for fearless tourists.

Grab our best flight deals to Mali and explore the top attractions available as well as these activities; Appreciate the customary construction of Djenné; regarded as the 'Jewel of the Niger', Tour Gao’s old-fashioned construction; a significant settlement on the trans-Saharan business paths, try a safari at Boucle de Baoulé National Park, Wonder at Mount Hombori; situated near Mopti and it’s the nation’s highest peak, Travel to the legendary metropolis of Timbuktu, Take a seat by the Niger at Mopti, Stop by Ségou, explore the neighboring settlement of Ségou-Koro (Old Ségou), Absorb the lifestyle of Bamako Mali’s main metropolis, the souks, explore the botanical parks, tour the Musée National, visit the craft hub at the Maison des Artisans, see the close Point G Hill homes; providing ancient cave portraits and brilliant sights of Bamako underneath, Trek Dogon nation; a World Heritage Site and view the sunset above La Dune Rose; resting on the right boundary of the Niger. The main airport is Bamako-Senou International airport it’s situated 15km (9 miles) from the metropolis (travel time - 20 minutes). Looking for the inexpensive flight offers in the world? You have arrived at the right place! Travel Center UK provides cheap flights to Mali, in partnership with its committed airline partners, and offers you the top flight deals on a day-to-day basis. All of our flight deals comprise of methods to make your holiday more enjoyable, so book your flights to Mali right now!


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