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Libya is a nation in North Africa. In the north it has a Mediterranean Sea shore, with Egypt in the east and Tunisia in the west. It also has land boundaries with Algeria, Chad, Niger and Sudan. Nearly 90% of the nation is desert or semi desert. Book cheap flights to Libya and you’ll learn that it is an historic intersection of societies that gave the Libyan shore some of the best Roman and Greek remains in existence, amid them Leptis Magna, Cyrene and Sabratha. Libya also has some of the most stunning places of the Sahara Desert, from oceans of sand the magnitude of Switzerland and covering palm-edged lakes (the Ubari Sand Sea) to distant chains adorned with ancient stone art (the Jebel Acacus), intricate caravan settlements (Ghadames) and a remote black-as-black volcano (Wawa al-Namus) in the desert's center. One of the biggest nations in African, Libya possesses a spectacular Mediterranean shoreline, attractive desert terrains and no less than seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These historic locations are a reminder that Libya’s past has always been turbulent: before Gaddafi’s rule and the following civil war, the nation suffered Greek, Roman and Italian control.

When you get your flights to Libya you’ll discover that this nation has more to provide than battle stories. From the magical desert settlement of Ghadames to the spectacular Sahara Desert, this is a terrain of bare beaches, historic mountain paths and sparkling havens. It is a nation where sand banks extend to the skies, palm trees mirror in desert lakes and ancient stone statues adorn the intense Akakus Mountains. Countryside Libya is described by tidily nurtured olive woods, fat lemons hanging from trees and distant Berber colonies. In the metropolises, traders sell goods in rose-smelling bazaars, battering silver, spices, henna, hijabs and Tuareg scarves. The aroma of hot lentil soup and Benghazi seafood dangles tastily in the air. The inhabitants of Libya are mainly of Arab and Berber ancestry. Berbers make up around 10% of occupants and stay in more isolated regions. The balance half of the residents stay mainly in seaside metropolises such as Tripoli and Benghazi and the Libyan warmth is famous and its occupants enjoy showing tourists around. Grab our best flight deals to Libya and explore these attractions and make sure you take part in the activities too; Akakus Mountains, Historic metropolises; Severan Arch (set up in tribute of Emperor Septimus Severus), marble- and granite-rimmed Hadrianic Baths, Cyrene, three hours from Benghazi, its historic fertility shrines, stunning Temple of Zeus and the roman arena, Sabratha, amid Tripoli and the Tunisia boundary,

Assai al-Hamra (Red Castle), Beaches; Neqezzah (112km east of Tripoli), Ras al-Hammamah, Sabratha and the marvelous beaches from Zuara to Ras al-Jadir, Berber construction, Camel riding, Desert steering in the Great Sand Sea which is around a four hour trip from Benghazi, Dune-surfing nearby the Ubari lakes, Freedom Square (Green Square), Ghadames; a UNESCO-secured ancient settlement, Leptis Magna; a well-conserved historic ruins of a Roman village, Qasr Libya (Castle Libya), Roman Libya, Snorkeling on the cove underneath Cyrene, see the sun-dotted remains of the harbor town of Apollonia, Market shopping, The Pentapolis, Trekking and caves and touring Ubari’s sand dunes & lakes. The main airport is Tripoli International Airport it’s situated around 26km (16 miles) from the metropolitan hub. Searching for cheap flight deals in the world? You have arrived at the correct site! Travel Center UK offers the best flights, in collaboration with its loyal airline partners, and provides you the best cheap flights to Libya on a daily basis. And if you’re looking for something special? We guarantee that we could offer you the leading flight deals to Libya that no one else could provide.


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