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Ethiopia is a captivating nation in the Horn of Africa and the second-most populated country on the African mainland (following Nigeria). It's flanked by Eritrea in the north, Djibouti in the northeast, Somalia in the east, Kenya in the south, and Sudan and South Sudan in the west. Book your cheap flights to Ethiopia and you’ll discover that it’s like no other destination in the world, a gorgeous nation fortunate with an incomparable past, remarkable animals and some of Africa’s most expressive inhabitants. Placing its rough past behind, Ethiopia has been hard at work altering its financial resources and making extraordinary growth in structure expansion over the past two years. Now travelers are coming back to this destination in growing numbers, eager to find its amazing terrains, historic spiritual spots and enthralling native clans. Portrayed as ‘The Land of Origins’ by the Ethiopian Tourism Organization, this remarkable nation is where the Blue Nile starts and residence of the 3.2-million-year-old hominid fossil ‘Lucy’, whose unearthing has put Ethiopia on the map as the crib of humankind. One of the most ancient Christian countries in the world, Ethiopia is a multicultural and multi-layered destination where the skill of generosity is active and fine. Tourists are normally welcomed with a hot cup of coffee, which is believed to be initially found in the district of Kaffa in southeast Ethiopia.

Many travelers begin their Ethiopian journey in the metropolis Addis Ababa, an active metropolis snuggled in the high Entoto Mountains, so get your flights to Ethiopia right now! Addis Ababa has relished a captivating change over a rather brief amount of time. The metropolis is nowadays a center of global assignments and delegations, plus the head office of the African union and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). Some tourists hang around longer in the Ethiopian metropolis, choosing in its place to travel north to Lalibela, a pilgrimage location renowned for its historic chapels which have rather literally been cut out of a precipice. Lalibela is one of nine UNESCO World Heritage Locations in Ethiopia. Other famous ones consist of the historic Kingdom of Aksum (or Axum), the imaginary palace of Gondar, the enclosed metropolis of Harar, the Konso traditional countryside, the ancient locations of Awash and Omo valleys, the strange stelae of Tiya and the remarkable Simien National Park where the native Gelada baboon and Walia Ibex flourish.

Eventually, it is Ethiopia’s grand sceneries that really seize the thoughts of most tourists. From the cloud-covered park of Ras Dashen (the tallest peak in Ethiopia) to the Sulphur fumaroles of the Danakil Depression (which is also the lowest tip in Ethiopia at 125m/410ft beneath ocean level), the landscape can motivate paintings and incite poetry. These desolate surroundings support historic clans like the Bodi and the Hamer. With Ethiopian Airlines possessing an extensive system of air courses discharged from Addis Ababa, travelling to and all over the nation is getting simpler, and for those who hang around, the prizes are vast. Grab our best flight deals to Ethiopia and visit these top attractions; Addis Ababa, Aksum (Axum); residence to the fabled Queen of Sheba stated in the Old Testament, Babile; a simple day tour from the enclosed metropolis of Harar, this is a reservation home to lots of wildlife, valleys, stony ridges and tree-dotted grassland homes, Bale Mountains, Danakil Depression; the lowest and warmest site on Earth, Gondar, the ancient enclosed metropolis of Harar, Konso traditional scenery, Lake Chamo, Lake Tana, Lalibela; the huge compound of chapels, cut out of rose-pink stone, Lower Omo Valley; residence to 16 traditionally diverse clans counting the Mursi, Simien Mountains National Park and Tigray (stone cut chapels).

The main airport is Addis Ababa Bole International Airport; it’s situated in Bole, 8km (5 miles) southeast of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Look through Travel Center’s best cheap flights to Ethiopia that we have put down in this section, and you are sure to locate one that benefits you. And if you’re searching for something special then our professional travel agents are well prepared to provide a brilliant range of special flight deals and all of our flights to Ethiopia consist of ways to make your trip more pleasant!


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