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Egypt is an extraneous nation in North Africa with its metropolis situated in its biggest city, Cairo. Egypt also spreads into Asia by asset of possessing the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt is surrounded by Israel and the Gaza Strip in the north-east, by Sudan in the south and by Libya in the west. The nation is encircled by the Mediterranean and Red Seas (in the north and east individually) and terrestrially ruled both by the Nile River and its fruitful well-watered gorge, and by the Eastern and Western wastelands. Egypt greets you with its colossal Nile and glorious shrines, the enticing desert and lavish estuary, and with its long history and friendly, tale fond individuals. Book cheap flights to Egypt and you’ll learn that this is a complex but captivating nation with a couple of the most lasting ancient shrines on Earth, Egypt is positioned as a memorable travel destination. It’s had to cope with its fair portion of chaos in current times, but this North African country is still content, friendly and reachable. And with riches as old as the shrines and pyramids of the Nile to talk about, it’s not a kind of destination that’s going to slide from a traveler’s awareness any time soon. A holiday here still very much has the possibility to excite you.

In most ways, there are two Egypt’s. The initial is the Egypt of Cairo and the Nile, of active old-fashioned markets, noseless Sphinxes, river trips and Agatha Christie-period strangeness. The second, and just as essential to most tourists, is the Egypt of the Red Sea, where a range of extensive contemporary retreats accommodates scuba divers and sun-lovers. Sharm el Sheikh, with its exceptional diving, elegant resorts and desert escapades, is the most famous of them. When you get your flights to Egypt and travel to this destination you’ll also learn that most of the nation’s historic riches were constructed during the period of the pharaohs. The Pyramid of Giza (the only survivor of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World); the lotus-lined shrines of Luxor and Karnak; the Valley of the Kings; Aswan and the shrines of Abu Simbel: stretched beside the Nile, these masterpieces have enticed tourists for years. They signify a permanent inheritance of one of the most legendary eras of human history. Naturally, the nation is ideally comprehended not so much for its brilliant shrines or its coral ridges, marvelous though they are, but through its inhabitants. Negotiating for cheap in Cairo’s historic Khan al-Khalili marketplace, taking tea and falling into a lengthy chat with a native, or just taking a small break in a distant village, quiet except for the noise of hooves on asphalt, would offer you a look of a nation complete with personality, hues and courage.

Grab our best flight deals to Egypt and make sure you explore these attractions; Alexandria; Egypt’s second metropolis, the Roma Amphitheatre’s montages, the contemporary Bibilotecha and galleries, the Valley of the Kings, the Red Sea, Ras Mohamed National Park, Islamic Cairo, the Temples at Luxor; sitting aside the Nile, Khan-el Khalili bazaar; Cairo’s well-known maze, Mount Sinai, the previous border settlement of Aswan, the Pyramids of Giza, have a game of golf at Mena House Oberoi, Siwa Oasis; a serene refuge of palm-rimmed saltwater lakes, scuba dive at Sharm el-Sheik, the Old Kingdom at Saqqara and Dahshur, pursue the river amid Luxor and Aswan for that typical Nile encounter, try out your abilities as a camel dealer at the Camel Market (Souq al-Gamaal), navigate the Suez Canal and see the Abu Simbel shrines. The main airport is Cairo International Airport; its located 13.7 miles (22km) from mid-Cairo. Looking for cheap flights to Egypt? You have come to the right place! Travel Center UK provides flights, in partnership with its dedicated airline partners, and offers you the top best flights on a daily basis. We also offer extremely cheap prices on flights to various other destinations so why not look through our latest flight deals to Egypt and book your next trip to Egypt with Travel Center UK today!


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