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Djibouti is in East Africa, surrounded by Eritrea in the north, Ethiopia in the west and south, and Somaliland in the southeast. The Gulf of Aden rests in the east. Book cheap flights to Djibouti and you’ll find that this small dot of a nation packs a huge blow. What it needs in magnitude, it more than makes up for in charm. A couple of nations in the world, with the likely omission of Iceland, provide such strange terrains – think salt lakes, defunct volcanoes, lowered grasslands, limestone vents burping out wisps of steam, basaltic highlands and magnificent canyons. Environmental enthusiasts would relish a great blend of land and water pursuits, plus trekking, diving and whale-shark viewing in the Gulf of Tadjoura. Hidden away in the Horn of Africa, tiny Djibouti provides otherworldly sceneries, customary clans and mammoth aquatic life by the camel load – some ponder that this piece of East Africa is being hyped as the next big destination.

Pleasingly empty of extensive tourist expansions (for now, at least), you wouldn’t discover global hotel chains outside the eponymous pioneering metropolis. Visitors are still scarce and it is not unusual to be asked into a family’s house to split a pot of tea. Comparing firmly with the sunny blue skies and the vibrant macawis worn by natives, the horizontal grasslands outside Djibouti City have a tough and ghostly visual, which are observed by the native clans in song and poetry. The unfastened stones that clutter the khaki-shaded floor among semi-wild masses of camel talk of the nation’s volcanic history. Far from the metropolis, which is blown by a chilly Red Sea wind, Djibouti becomes harshly warm during the summer months. Natives travel leisurely and decisively; at least until the day distribution of khat, a semi-narcotic herbal gnawed like gum, which appears to stop everyday life in its path. When you get your flights to Djibouti you’ll learn that if you do manage to beat the warmth, there are plenty of chances to unite with the surrounding environment.

Tourists could climb the inactive Ardoukoba volcano, tour the Lake Assal, the shortest tip in Africa, or go snorkeling with whale sharks in the Red Sea. Discovered in the Bay of Ghoubbet, these leisurely traveling giants line the Djiboutian shoreline, nibbling on plankton. Displaying a mixture of African and Arabian lifestyles, the inhabitants of Djibouti are similarly captivating. Polite and friendly to tourists, their nation still mainly works beside ancestral lines, but it is tranquil, safe and tiny enough to deal with. Above everything else, though, it’s completely spectacular. Get our best flight deals to Djibouti and explore these top attractions; the Afar Triangle, Ambouli, Djibouti; a late 19th-century metropolis with a particularly Arabic sense, the beaches at Dorale and Khor-Ambado, Lake Abbe, The Gulf of Tadjoura, Lake Assal, the Tropical Aquarium; with underwater exhibitions from the Red Sea and the Presidential Palace. The main airport is Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport, its situated 5km (3 miles) south of the metropolis. Travel Center provides the best flights to Djibouti which are the cheapest you could find, even if you’re searching for something special? We guarantee that we offer the best flight deals that no one else could offer. Call our expert travel agents and let them help you make your holiday more enjoyable and stress free.


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