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The Democratic Republic of Congo is the biggest, mysterious and most crowded nation in Central Africa. It sits beside the Equator and is encircled by Angola in the southwest; Angola's Cabinda territory and the Republic of the Congo in the northwest; the Central African Republic in the north; South Sudan in the northeast; Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania to the east from north to south; and Zambia in the southeast. Covered by vast strips of tropical forest and dotted by flowing streams and burning volcanoes, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC, previously Zaire) is the ideal African escapade. As much a terrestrial notion as an experienced country, DRC has encountered one of the unhappiest stages in current history, undergoing a ruthless 20th century colonial misuse, dictatorial insanity and what has been labelled as Africa's initial 'world war', which eventually concluded during 2003 with the ascension of the Kabila governmental rule. Book your cheap flights to the Democratic Republic of Congo and you’ll find that it has several stunning terrains, mostly consisting of thick and rolling jungles scattered with waterfalls and packed with mesmerizing animals.

The excessive frame of the Congo River goes over the northern extents of the nation and has long been a location of significant ancient status, made popular by the traveler Henry Morton Stanley and afterwards utilized as the setting for Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. And when you reserve your flights to the Democratic Republic of Congo you’ll see that in most ways, much of this destination is still desolate and impassable today as it will have been during Conrad’s period. The transport setup constructed by the ruthless Belgian colonial government has mainly been recovered by the forest and there are a couple of connections amid the nation’s massive inland and the city regions sprinkled around its borders. Kinshasa, the metropolis, is located in the far west of the nation and, though essentially poor and disintegrating, it is a volatile centre for vibrant African lifestyle and music. DRC’s tourist metropolis, if such a thing survives, is Goma, which rests on the border of Lake Kivu in the far east of the nation. It is supervised above by the striking Nyiragongo volcano, which rests at the center of Virunga National Park, the most ancient national park in Africa and one of just a few locations where you could still spot mountain gorillas in their natural environment.

Grab our top flight deals to the Democratic Republic of Congo and tour these leading attractions; Upemba National park, the stunning, lush town of Bukavu, Inkisi Falls, Kinshasa, Garamba National Park, Lolo Ya Sanctuary, Goma; DRC’s tourism metropolis, Viruanga National Park; the most ancient park in Africa, Lubumbashi; the main metropolis of the mineral wealthy Katanga Province and DRC’s chief financial center and the relaxed town of Kalemie on the edge of the enormous Lake Tanganyika. The main airport is Kinshasa (N’Djili) International Airport it’s situated 25km (15 miles) east of the metropolis. Looking for cheap flights to the Democratic Republic of Congo? You have come to the correct place! Travel Center UK offers flights, in partnership with its dedicated airline partners, and provides you with the top flight deals to the Democratic Republic of Congo on a daily basis. Look through Travel Center’s excellent variety of special flight deals and let our skilled travel agents fashion the holiday of your dreams for just the right price!


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