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Algeria is a nation in North Africa. It has a Mediterranean Sea shoreline in the north and is encircled by Morocco in the northwest, Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali in the southwest, and Mauritania in the west. As the biggest nation in Africa, Algeria’s land is extremely diverse yet less toured: few tourists travel past the nation’s Mediterranean harbor metropolises (specifically Oran and the metropolis, Algiers), which rests among lush terrain and the dispersed villages of Phoenician and Roman societies. Occasionally known as ‘Algiers the White,’ the metropolises busy attraction is its UNESCO-recorded Casbah. This whitewashed ancient quarter includes both collapsing remains and recently-restored areas and is well worth a tour in spite of its doubtful status (taking a guide is suggested). The historic harbor metropolis of Oran has a distinctly European atmosphere: French colonial impacts are obvious in everything from the high Sacré-Cœur Cathedral (currently a library) to the opulently decorated Palais de la Culture. The metropolis has long been a common trading station and is still one of the most hectic harbors in North Africa. The Sahara Desert is Algeria’s important trait and one of its main attraction cards. It envelopes almost four-fifths of the nation and is the origin of countless folklores and traditional stories. This is why you should travel to Algeria without further delay it offers you the best holiday you could ever want. Under the leadership of trustworthy travel agents at Travel Center, tourists could book flights to Algeria and can also tour appeals such as the haven towns of Ghardia and Timimoun, or travel deep into the center of the desert to see the ancient stone drawings in the Hoggar Mountains and Tassili N’Ajjer National Park.

Book your flights to Algeria from Travel Center UK and explore some of these chief attractions; the beautiful Algiers, striking Ghardaia, the sanctuary town of El Golea; frequently mentioned as ‘the pearl of the desert’, the significant imperial metropolis Tlemcen, the historic Constantine, a natural fortress, the historic metropolis of Ouargla; also recognized as ‘the golden key to the desert’, Saharan sand dunes, the spectacular Roman metropolis near to the city of Setif; Djemila, the Tassili N’Ajjer, or ‘Plateau of Chasms’, the Turquoise Shore, Zeralda beach, Algiers’ Bardo Ethnographic Museum, the National Museum of Fine Arts, Picturesque Tamanrasset; located at the center of the Hoggar Mountains, the remains of Tipasa, Hoggar Mountains, the sacred town of Beni-Isguen and the holy sanctuary Assekrem. The main airport is Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport, situated 17km (10.5 miles) southeast of the metropolitan hub. Take a look at Travel Center UK’s excellent range of special flight deals to Algeria and construct the holiday of your dreams for just the right fee. Travel Center could offer you all you need for a brilliant well-planned, stress-free holiday, so call us now to find cheap flights to Algeria and some of the top flight choices at Travel Center and go on an unforgettable holiday!


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