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Cheap Flights

Who said flying had to be an expensive affair?

Find and compare cheap flight deals, make use of special offers and plan your holidays better with Travel Center! We make your quest to find cheap flights easier, whether you're planning a romantic holiday, a weekend getaway or a family vacation, we offer some of the best deals and the lowest fares that are too good to miss. From budget airlines to cheap flight tickets and one-way flights, Travel Center offers the ideal mix of attributes you would need to make use of to have an exceptional journey at a pace that your wallet loves. We adhere to every need possible and bring you the best range of deals on cheap flights, regardless of whether you know where and when you want to go or you are simply going with the flow & figuring things out as they unfold -- Travel Center will be more than glad to be a part of your journey. And to make every part of your travel even more convenient, we also offer a ‘Fly Now, Pay Later’ offer so you don’t have to cross out that weekend getaway or dream vacation you’ve always wanted. Our dedicated team of travel experts are available 24x7 to help you explore the world and simplify your travel experience.


Find low rates on flights to Africa, a continent filled with breath-taking landscapes, wild animals and undeniable beauty.


Looking for cheap flights to explore Asia? Travel Center provides Price Guaranteed offers on a huge selection of flight deals to Asia. Book now and enjoy big savings!


Book Cheap Flights to Australia with Travel Center. With the most beautiful cities like Sydney, Auckland and Melbourne, Australasia is known for its iconic scenery, rich culture and natural wonders that you’ll love to visit.


Book Cheap Flights to the Caribbean with Travel Center! With more than 7000 Islands, the Caribbean has some of the most beautiful vacation destinations filled with popular culture and the best beaches on the planet.


Book your flight to China and save with Travel Center! Browse through our website and grab the lowest airfare for your next flight today.

Far East

Looking for flights to Far East from your destination? Browse through our website and receive the best flight offers and book your dream Holiday with us.


Flights to Europe - Get huge discounts on Europe flights & airfares! We offer the cheapest airline tickets to Europe. Save big when you book with Trave Center!

Middle East

Looking for cheap flights to explore the middle east? Travel Center provides Price Guaranteed offers on a huge selection of flight deals to the Middle East. Book now and enjoy big savings!

South America

Find the best deals on fights to South America with Travel Center, a continent of remarkable natural wonders that are sure to blow the mind of any traveller.

USA & Canada

Our Low-Cost Flight offers to the USA and Canada are the cheapest you will ever find! We provide price guaranteed offers on a huge selection of flight deals to the USA and Canada. Book now and enjoy big savings!

Economy Class Flights

Making travel an affordable luxury

Travel has evolved rapidly in the recent past and a new generation of more affordable upgrades have now become available. Travel Center is proud to offer economy class flights that come with a range of additional benefits within a budget.

So, regardless of whether you’re looking to take off on a cultural journey to Kathmandu, the exotic wonders of Bangkok, the chaotic beauty of Delhi, the serenity of Manila or to the alluring wonders of Africa, we have got you covered. We have partnered with some of the world’s leading airlines such as Thai Airways, Emirates, British Airways, Turkish Airways, Gulf Air and Kenya Airways to take you on your next dream vacation.

Book economy flights with Travel Center and explore a whole new dimension to economic travel designed for budget travellers. Contact our dedicated customer support and allow us to help you start your search for economy flight tickets. Your journey begins onward and upward with us.

Premium Economy Class Flights

For an upgraded travel experience amidst comfort

If you are looking for something a little more luxurious than an economy class flight, opt for premium economy class flights where you can find a higher level of convenience, comfort and flexibility. Premium Economy Class Flights come with larger seats, extra legroom, better meal and drink service and an upgraded level of service so you can sit back in comfort on air.

Travel Center offers premium economy class flights to several destinations that include Male, Toronto, Kingston, Sao Paulo, Las Vegas, Auckland, Bengaluru, Hanoi, Bridgetown and Ho Chin Minh City. We have partnered with leading airways such as Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand, Vietnam Airlines, and Air Transat to bring you a comfortable and blissful travel experience. Bask in the comforts of larger cabin space, wonderful entertainment, in-seat power with USB port, and top-shelf meal service that is a cut above the typical economy class experience. Get in touch with our customer service today to Book Premium Economy Class Flight Tickets Online as you enjoy the benefits of an upgraded flight experience so you can arrive at your destination, refreshed and happy.

Business Class Flights

Fly Business class with Travel Center and enjoy the very best flight hospitality

It’s a well known fact that those who fly on business class flights are often the ones who manage long-haul flights travel with style. That's because they enjoy some of very best of flight travel from ultra-cosy seats, plenty of legroom and fully flat beds that make sleeping a breeze to tastier food, lounge access and loads of entertainment.

With Travel Center, you too can now enjoy the luxuries of flying business class to destinations across the globe with some of the world’s premium airlines like Emirates, British Airways and Lufthansa. By booking Business Class airline tickets with us, you get to discover what life is like behind the curtain where you can revel in total comfort.

So whether you’re looking to enjoy the thrills of Orlando or Chicago or enjoy the wonders of Abu Dhabi or Sydney, our Business Class flights will make all the difference when you touch ground, feeling refreshed and ready to go. Browse our assortment of business class airfares, and you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to find affordable rates that will help you to enjoy the level of luxury you truly deserve.

First Class Flights

Fly like royalty with Travel Center

The epitome of air travel, there’s plenty on offer when it comes to First Class flights that makes it an irresistible choice for most. When you book First Class flight tickets, you are invited to experience luxury travel at its finest, complete with premium menus, added privacy and the utmost comfort when flying. And when you land, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, fresh faced and like the ultimate A-lister.

With Travel Centre, you get to enjoy the comfort of flying first class without forking out a fortune in booking First Class flight tickets. We help you experience the glamorous side of flying with First Class by offering a range of cheap deals on tickets for both long and short flights. Regardless of whether you’re flying a few hours for a short trip to the captivating city of New York or indulging in a cross-globe adventure from Miami to Singapore, we partner with some of the leading airlines like American Airlines, British Airways and Cathay Pacific to bring you first class flight deals that are affordable. With us, you can be rest assured that you’ll be pampered from the moment your flight takes off.

UK & Ireland Flights

Experience the magic of the UK and Ireland with flight deals that you cannot miss

Synonymous with rich history and colourful cultural attractions, the United Kingdom is a melting pot of sights, landscapes, cuisines and accents. It’s replete with outstanding natural beauty and breathtaking cityscapes. At Travel Center, we help you choose the best of affordable UK domestic flights to help you discover and enjoy the fascinating sights of this spellbinding destination.

Whether you're going on a vacation or planning a business trip, we make it easy to find cheap flights to UK and Ireland. With so many flights to choose from, the big question is, where do you want to go?

We, at Travel Centre, firmly believe that you deserve the very best during your flight, so browse through our selection of affordable Ireland flights, London to Dublin flights and flights to to UK to find one that matches your itinerary and price range. Once you have found your ideal airfare, it’s time to switch into vacation mode - pack up your bags, kickback and relax and look forward to the finer things ahead.


Book Your Holiday With The Price Of Your Dreams

Just as promised, Travel Center brings forth the finest set of flight deals to date! Adhering to every aspect of our potential customer's needs, we provide flight deals comprising varying price points. So, whether the expected result of your search is cheap flights or luxury flight offers, you will be able to find both on our website and book accordingly.

How Do I Get The Best Value On Cheap Flights and other deals?

To ensure you get the best version of Travel Center's deals, you can undertake the following measures:

  • Keep browsing our website regularly since new deals and other promotional offers that give you great value are constantly updated.
  • Call us or send us an email to enquire about cheap flight offers
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Why Does a One-Way Flight Ticket Cost More Than Other Tickets?

There are a number of reasons, for starters, one-way flights are much more convenient because you have the ability to book a return flight whenever you are ready; this, in turn, raises the price higher than usual. Airlines also charge higher for one-way flights because it doesn't help set their scheduling systems as round-trip fares do! Thus, making critical decisions such as staffing becomes harder, which means the airline will have to compensate for any unexpected situations by charging higher prices.