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For an upgraded travel experience amidst comfort onboard

Economy class is where the majority of travellers choose to travel in. It is the standard class or the lowest travel class in air travel. Typically, Economy flights are catered to people who are going on a holiday or students. These passengers are the more relaxed and adjustable ones who do not run on tight schedules. One of the reasons the majority chooses the Economy is because it is much affordable than the First class or Business itself. However, the amenities and the comfort will be relatively average in comparison to what you receive in the higher classes. Economy class flights have seats that can be reclined as well as a fold-down table. Certain international flights may provide the economy class passengers with extra services such as blankets, pillows, headphones and other amenities. Most airlines strive to provide a great travel experience for economy class passengers by offering a good selection of food and beverages that suits the departure time and destination. However, the availability of food depends on the airline carriers. Few airline carriers no longer serve meals for economy class passengers for short haul and domestic flights.

Most airlines especially for international flights provide in-flight entertainment for economy class passengers. It may either be a main-screen that provides the same viewing for the entire cabin passengers or individual miniature screens for each seat. Currently, most airline carriers provide a range of entertainment including movies, music, television series and games. If price is one of the factors that keeps you from your holiday, then economy class flights is the solution. It is definitely value for money and provides the basic needs for a comfortable travel.

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