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First Class Flights

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If you have a penchant for over-the-top amenities, stress-free travel and flavourful dining then first class is your one true fit! First class flights are undoubtedly the best way to experience premium luxury and exceptional comfort when you're soaring through a seemingly endless expanse of clouds. The luxurious benefits of flying first class begin from the time you board and will last till you land, giving you the chance to experience the epitome of luxury. In case you are wondering what first class entails, then you should know that the most common first class benefits include, breezing through security checkpoints and avoiding the frustrating queue, getting access to the airport lounge, getting separate cabins for the utmost privacy and of course the free drinks. In addition to this, flying first class also allows you to work on laptops as well as to convert the seats into luxurious beds to relax in your own little haven and offers passengers the perfect food and beverage menus designed by some of the world’s best culinary experts. But that's not all, in case you were wondering about the in-flight entertainment system, then you will be pleased to know that first class offers the widest selection in terms of movies, tv-series, songs, games and more on larger screens than all the other classes. Making it more than worth the extra cost incurred!

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