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First Class flights are the ultimate way to premium luxury and exceptional comfort when you are thousands of feet higher from ground – right from take-off to landing. They say it is a dream come true to enjoy such impeccable services in unbelievable, elegant surroundings amidst the clouds in your own personal suite. First Class flights are the world’s finest way to travel as it offers spacious, personal suites with flat luxurious beds, indulgent dining, extremely attentive and exclusive service, state of the art entertainment services and other additional benefits such as exclusive access to lounges and spas. First class flights are the ideal solution for travelling long distances whilst enjoying the never-ending on-board services in style.

The services allow you to comfortably work on your laptops as well as to convert the seats into luxurious beds to relax yourself in your own little, sweet haven. First class flights have perfect food and beverage menus designed by some of the world’s best chefs, to bring its passengers a unique restaurant experience with a broad selection of wines, spirits, champagnes and non-alcoholic drinks to satisfy your taste buds throughout your flight. Furthermore, passengers can enjoy endless hours watching the latest movies, television, music and much more on large screens.

Flying in the first class is considered to be the easiest and stress-free way to get to the destination you want to be. Every penny that goes out of your pocket for a first class travel is certainly worth it.

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