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San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador. It is the most populous municipality in the country, and its most important political, educational, financial, and cultural centre. As most Spanish era buildings were lost to earthquakes, the city has a very modern look. San Salvador has a long and interesting history, and has been marred by frequent earthquakes. Book cheap flights to San Salvador by calling Travel Center UK today! Our team of experienced travel experts is equipped to give you the best deals on cheap flights to San Salvador. San Salvador’s most striking feature is its unique mix of architectural wonders one cannot find anywhere else in Latin America. Most buildings were created in the 20th century, and feature different architectural styles, from Baroque to Gothic and Neoclassical to Renaissance Revival. The Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, and National Theatre are examples of this. The city of San Salvador is served by the Comalapa International Airport and we have teamed up with world-class airlines to ensure that you travel in safety and comfort to this exciting destination in El Salvador. Contact us today and ask us about cheap flights to San Salvador, and whether you are on business or on holiday to San Salvador, we have flights that match your needs. Book cheap flights to San Salvador over the phone and get personalised service. You will also get specialised services such as finding the cheapest rates owning to price fluctuations and advice on the best time for booking.


San Salvador,  El Salvador



OFFER ENDS : 03-03-2019

San Salvador,  El Salvador



OFFER ENDS : 03-03-2019

San Salvador,  El Salvador



OFFER ENDS : 03-03-2019

San Salvador,  El Salvador



OFFER ENDS : 03-03-2019

San Salvador,  El Salvador



OFFER ENDS : 03-03-2019

San Salvador,  El Salvador



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Average Flying Time

11 hours 24 minutes

Airline Flying

United Airlines, Iberia, American Airlines

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Best Time to Travel

Jan - Feb, Dec

Foreign Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 1.54762 USD

Modes of Transport

By Car, Foot, Bicycle, Bus, Elevated Rail

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Top 10 Places to Visit

National Museum of Anthropology

One can learn the history and ancient mysteries of San Salvador dating back to Mayan period to the Spanish colony. Don't miss to check out pre-historic carvings and the artifact garden, all for history lovers.

Jardín Botánico La Laguna

This is a breathtaking botanical garden at the bottom of a volcanic crater. Walk along the paths once covered with volcanic lava and enjoy the vast collection of trees and plants unique to San Salvador.

San Salvador Futbol Club

Once ruled by Spaniards, the city has chosen Spain's favourite sport soccer as their favourite too. In San Salvador, it is called fútbol and is the biggest sport and widely played by the youth.

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Saviour

Considered the principal church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Salvador and was visited by prominent persons including Pope John Paul II and US President Obama. The architecture used dates back to 1777.

Lake Ilopango

Seen a crater lake fill a volcanic caldera? Then check the mother earth's wonderful creation, the Lake Ilopango. During the last volcanic eruption, the lava dome reached the surface of the lake creating small islets.

Monument to the Divine Saviour of the World

Famously known as 'Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo', the statue of Jesus Christ standing a global sphere of planet earth is a landmark located in San Salvador. The Christ's statue indeed awakens our souls.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is for those hungry for knowledge on the fauna and ecosystems in the volcanic earth. It is an ideal place for geologists and paleontologists and not forgetting those enthusiasts to visit.

The National Zoo

The zoo is great to start exploring this wonderful land. With a collection of 144 species, the zoo consists of 10 square blocks and a lagoon. Spider monkeys residing in the lagoon is a must see.

Monument to Memory and Truth

The 'Monumento a la Memoria y La Verdad' was built with the displaying of names of more than 25,000 persons killed or disappeared during the repression of the 1970's as well as the civil war.

Iglesia El Rosario

It is considered as one of the most intriguing churches in El Salvador. Rainbow of coloured glass panels, walls with figured made of scrap metal; it is modern industrial style artwork at its best.