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Guangzhou is a city in China, and is the capital and the largest city in the Guangdong province of Southern China. Guangzhou is an important national transportation hub and trading port. Guangzhou is also considered one of the five National Central Cities of China for its significance in the country. Book cheap flights to Guangzhou by calling Travel Center UK today! Our team of experienced travel experts is equipped to give you the best deals on cheap flights to Guangzhou. Guangzhou is a major tourist destination in China. The “Eight Sights of Guangzhou” is a series of lists of attractions that have been named by various rulers as the most significant sights in the city. The most recent list includes modern architectural wonders such as the Canton Tower, natural wonders such as the Baiyun Mountain and the Nansha Wetland Park, and historical sites that have stood the test of time. The city of Guangzhou is served by the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and we have teamed up with world-class airlines to ensure that you travel in safety and comfort to this exciting destination in China. Contact us today and ask us about cheap flights to Guangzhou, and whether you are on business or on holiday to Guangzhou, we have flights that match your needs. Book cheap flights to Guangzhou over the phone and get personalised service. You will also get specialised services such as finding the cheapest rates owning to price fluctuations and advice on the best time for booking.


Guangzhou,  China



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Guangzhou,  China



OFFER ENDS : 03-03-2019

Guangzhou,  China



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Guangzhou,  China



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Guangzhou,  China



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Guangzhou,  China



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Average Flying Time

12 hours 19 minutes

Airline Flying

China Southern, Emirates, Air China, Air France, Cathay Pacific

Average Flying Kms


Best Time to Travel

March,April,October to December

Foreign Exchange Rate

1.00 GBP = 9.54923 CNY

Modes of Transport

On foot, Bicycle, Subway, Bus, Bus Rapid Transit System, Taxi, Car, Motorcycle, Ferry

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Top 10 Places to Visit

Pearl River

The city of Guangzhou centers on the Pearl River and sometimes commonly known as ‘Canton River’. Enjoying the beautiful name, the name derives from all the pearl coloured shells that lie at the bottom of the river.

Canton Tower

One of the prominent landmarks in the city, the most famous attraction is the Observation deck. Offering panoramic views of the city day and night, it is the tallest structure in the China at present.

Shamian Island

Pay a visit to this incredible island to relive the colonial European period. The architectures, cluster of hotels, restaurants and the line of shopping centers are interesting and exciting for the first time travellers.

Guangzhou Opera House

An architectural wonder, the opera house is among the renowned sights and places in the city. Home to one of the biggest theatres in China, this is a must-see attraction while holidaying in Guangzhou

Chime-Long Paradise

One of the famous amusement parks in the city, the park boasts to be the biggest in China too. There are over 50 attractions for all kinds of visitors, the rides and chills are guaranteeing mind-blowing experiences.

Guangzhou TV Tower

ffering breathtaking views of the city, the observation deck at the 107 and 108 is a major attraction in the city. Established in 1991, this telecommunication tower is a prominent landmark

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

Built in 537 during the Liang Dynasty, this is an ancient temple attracting architecture buffs, history enthusiasts and religious devotees. Re-built after a fire, it is a spectacular point of interest in the city.

Baiyun Mountain

Located in close proximity to Guangzhou, also known as Mount Baiyun, it is part of the Baiyushan Resort along with multilple parks including Luhu Park, Monxinling Scenic Area, Yunxi Ecological Park.

Huaisheng Mosque

Popularly known as the lighthouse Mosque, this is one of the oldest mosques in the world. One of the most attractive features in the mosque is the ‘calling tower’ (minaret).

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Situated in the north bank of Pearl River, the cathedral sits at the heart of a bustling old town. It is regarded to be one of the biggest cathedrals featuring Gothic style architecture.