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Ascuncion is the capital and the largest city in the South American nation of Paraguay. The city is the seat of the national government, as well as the principal port and the main industrial and cultural centre of Paraguay. Asuncion is one of the oldest cities in South America, and is considered the longest continually inhabited area in the region. The city has a rich history, which is in evidence upon visiting the city’s many historical sites and landmarks. Book cheap flights to Asuncion by calling Travel Center UK today! Our team of experienced travel experts is equipped to give you the best deals on cheap flights to Asuncion. Asuncion city has a host of museums and galleries to give one a glimpse into the country’s rich history and colourful culture. This includes the Godoi Museum, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Pantheon of Heroes, and the Casa de la Independencia. The city of Asuncion is served by the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport and we have teamed up with world-class airlines to ensure that you travel in safety and comfort to this exciting destination in Paraguay. Contact us today and ask us about cheap flights to Asuncion, and whether you are on business or on holiday to Asuncion, we have flights that match your needs. Book cheap flights to Asuncion over the phone and get personalised service. You will also get specialised services such as finding the cheapest rates owning to price fluctuations and advice on the best time for booking.


Asuncion,  Paraguay



OFFER ENDS : 01-03-2019

Asuncion,  Paraguay



OFFER ENDS : 01-03-2019

Asuncion,  Paraguay



OFFER ENDS : 01-03-2019

Asuncion,  Paraguay



OFFER ENDS : 01-03-2019

Asuncion,  Paraguay



OFFER ENDS : 01-03-2019

Asuncion,  Paraguay



OFFER ENDS : 01-03-2019


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13 hours 10 minutes

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10189 kms

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Buses, Taxis, Boats

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Top 10 Places to Visit

National Pantheon of the Heroes

Visit this iconic landmark and a national monument of Paraguay. It’s a tradition of the locals to celebrate with their national flags in front of the monument. The other most interesting feature is the ceremonial changing of the guard.

Railroad Museum

A museum filled with trains and many restored to their original state. Visitors have the chance to witness the first locomotive, the original presidential railway wagon and first-class and second-class passenger cars.


An exciting city destination, it is well known for ‘Nanduti’, which is a lace, weaved with needles in circular frames. Hill Patino and Cerrito, Virgen del Rosario Church and San Rafael Museum are major tourist attractions in Itaugua.

Ypacarai Lake

An enormous lake in Paraguay, which is surrounded by three main cities and a shoreline. It attracts a large number of tourists during summer for its beautiful beaches and landscapes.

Parque de Museo de Historia Natural

A renowned display of insect, the most attractive feature is the butterfly with a 247 mm wingspan. Sign up for an interesting natural history tour with your loved ones.

Parque La Venta

A great place to explore the Olmec culture and uncover enthralling stories. It houses impotent artefacts and the most significant attractions are the 4 gigantic basalt heads. Be there after twilight to enjoy a sound-and-light show.

Casa de los Diputados

A place of interest for history lovers is this Spanish colonial building. Originally served as a convent, was restored in to a military museum. Thereafter, at present, it was transformed in to an interesting cultural center.

Manzana de la Rivera

A mesmerizing historic city, serves as a cultural center in Asuncion. The most attractive sites are 9 historical buildings of spectacular architecture. The oldest is Casa Viola renowned for the centuries old furnishings.

Casa Viola

A colonial house noteworthy for its 18th century architecture. The house is a prominent landmark during city’s cultural shows especially for its furniture masterpieces. Pay a visit and stroll through the amazing house to enjoy 18th century furnishings.

Museo del Barro

Popular as the Museum of Mud, is a place which showcases the history of Paraguay’s ceramic art. Collections exhibit clay masks, figurines ad sculptures by indigenous artisans from the Guarani tribe to contemporary artists.