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We won’t keep you waiting when you need help. To direct your query to the right department please select the nature of your query. Simply complete the form and our Customer Service team will come back to you as soon as possible.


Need to cancel your holiday? In many cases we'll be able to cancel your booking, unless you're travelling with Low Cost carriers like Ryanair and EasyJet which do not permit cancellations. If we are able to cancel your booking, it won't inevitably lead to a repayment, mainly if you booked an economy ticket, as this kind of fare is usually 100% non-refundable in the instance of cancellation.


As many cheap airline tickets are also the most contrary, the airlines thrust very stern rules in the event of cancellations i.e. some airlines might permit half a repayment if the flight is cancelled before the date of leaving, but not once the flight date has elapsed. In other instances, prices are so contrary that it might not be feasible to get any repayment on unutilized tickets, or the carrier might impose a fine for cancelling and repayment.

If your ticket is repayable Travel Center would charge £50 administration fee for each ticket.


We could only cancel tickets with constant airlines like British Airways, American Airlines, and Air France, etc. If you're travelling with a Low Cost carrier, please get in touch with the airline straight to ask for your cancellation.

It might be feasible to get a repayment on unutilized coupons in the mentioned settings:

Involuntary cancellation: The airline annuls your flight and does not provide a different flight.

Voluntary cancellation: You annul a ticket that's completely or half repayable. Please keep in mind that cheap tickets are normally 100% non-repayable.


All refunds must be permitted by the carrier airline. As travel agents, we present your refund wish to the airline that would either receive or refuse the request, based on the fare basis relevant to your ticket.


Many tickets are fixed or non-repayable. If you want to annul your reservation or have any questions kindly email us by entering your details and presenting the Contact Us application. Refunds could take upto 8-12 weeks if we have to talk with the airline.


Most airlines put a penalty on the refund fee, which would be based on your ticket fare basis or the period you ask for the cancellation.

Our management charges for managing a refund appeal is £50 per ticket. This would be taken from the full amount repaid by the airline. Refund appeal is because of an involuntary cancellation or a schedule alteration made by the airline, no management charges would be put in.


If you have asked for a refund, one of our sales persons would get in touch with you through email as soon as the airline has approved it.



We can help to find an alternative for you!

Prior to making any alteration to your reservation, we have to check if your ticket fare allow alterations. Take note that all alterations like date or route changes are subject to the conditions explained by the airline based on your fare and normally, cheap tickets do not allow any type of alteration.


When alterations are permitted, the airline would need you to pay the price difference amid the old ticket and the current one. In some instances, an extra fee might be put by the carrier. Our management charge is £50 per ticket. If you're travelling with a Low Cost airline, please get in line with the airline straight away.


Air tickets are non-transferable, it is normally not permitted to alter passengers' names and/or last names. In many instances the booking has to be cancelled and a new one is created with the right details. keep in mind that the airline might refuse boarding if the details on the ticket does not match the identification document you provide at the airport.

If your flight is functioned by a low-cost airline, we advise that you ask the airline's own terms and conditions and offer your cancellation request straight to them.


If you are not altering the travelling passenger but have to rectify a small misspelling on the name you first entered, we could check for you if the rectification is permitted by the airline. Please keep in mind that, as an alteration, there is a price from Travel Center of £50 per ticket, together with any penalty, payments or price difference that might be imposed by the airline.


Online check-in is the procedure in which passengers verify their existence on a flight through the Internet and usually print their own boarding passes. Based on the carrier and the particular flight, passengers might also enter information like meal choices and the amount of luggage and choose their selected seating. keep in mind that a few airlines, mainly Low Cost airlines, might impose a fine on you if you do not print your boarding card before you come to the airport.

At Travel Center we utilise our technology to blend various flights provided by the airlines to offer you the leading fees. Because of this, your booking might have more than one verification source. You would need to do the online check-in for each source in your booking. Please note that the source relates to the booking hence, comprises all travellers inside the booking.

Online: You could print your boarding card when you check-in to your flight online. If you don’t print your boarding card straight away, you could always log back into My Trips on your Manage my Booking page to acquire your boarding card at a later time prior to your trip.

Mobile: If you intend to utilise our free mobile app, you could acquire your mobile boarding card before and utilise it directly at the gate!

Airport: Print your boarding card at the airport at one of the self-service kiosks, or at the check-in table. All you have to bring is your verification code, verification email, credit card and ID, or passport.

Do you require an Aisle or Window seat? Let us know and we would book your seats for you!

Yes, for a price you can pick your seat when you reserve your flight.

Regrettably not all airlines would allow you to pre-order your flight seats, but if you have certain requirements and need specific seating arrangements this could be done straight with the airline. Our booking team would be able to offer you with a referral number for your airline seat reservation.

As a common rule, come to the airport no later than two hours before your domestic flight is programmed to leave. This is somewhat later than the usual advice of three hours for an international flight.

But, you might need to allow yourself an additional 30 minutes or more, if you are:

  • - Travelling in peak times (Leading holidays, etc)
  • - Checking in luggage
  • - Leaving from an unusually hectic or a large airport

The automatic boarding pass requirement is a-lable for a couple of routes and markets. If this feature is not obtainable for your flight(s) yet, kindly see the details on online check-in.


If you have utilised the automatic boarding pass request, you would get your boarding pass(es) through email, as an attachment. You would have to print them out and take them with you to the airport.


Many airlines now impose a reprinting charge which could be nearly £70 if you come to the airport without your boarding pass. Don’t worry, once you’ve checked-in online your boarding pass could be reprinted until 2 hours prior to the arranged flight leaving time.


By utilising this task, you would get your boarding pass(es) naturally as soon as the airline opens check-in for your flight. This differs by airline, by flight, and based on how far ahead you make your appeal, but will always be nearly 24 hours before departure.


If your booking has flights with many airlines, you would get the boarding passes individually, as and when each airline opens their check-in.

But, if you have not gotten the boarding pass(es) for a flight leaving inside the next 24 hours, kindly see the next question, below.


If you have not gotten your boarding pass and are assigned to leave inside the next 24 hours, kindly get in touch by clicking the Contact us button below.

If you are not due to depart in the next 24 hours, we ask that you please be patient as it is usual to get your boarding pass(es) 24 hours prior to departure.

Contact Us


If it has been unmanageable to finish your automatic boarding pass appeal, please call or email us the details on how to check in and acquire your boarding pass(es).


Yes, if you have check-in baggage incorporated for one or more of your flights (or have tallied any to your booking) you would have to check this baggage in at the airport, at the baggage drop-off desk of the applicable airline.


No, if your booking covers more than one passenger or incorporates a number of flights, you would be asking all boarding passes with just one click.


No. If you have chosen your favored seats, this detail would be connected to your booking and therefore will be shown on your boarding passes.


Wrong details need to be indicated as soon as possible. Kindly follow the directions for making changes. If you have not asked for your boarding pass(es) already, we suggest that you make the alterations prior to doing so.


If your baby has not been born at the period of making your reservation, then only reserve for yourself.

Once the infant is born, kindly get in touch with us so we could add him/her to your reservation.

At Travel Center we pursue to provide you the best fees and due to the reason that seat openings and charges continuously alter, as they are built on real-time request, it is not feasible to put flight tickets on hold.

All reservations have to be confirmed so we could assure your ticket at the best price.

If you haven’t planned your return date, we suggest that you reserve a fully adjustable fee that might permit you to alter your flights during any time. Kindly keep in mind that the airline might charge a penalty to make any alterations. They might also impose you any fee distinction.

Kindly keep in mind that many economy class fares do not permit this kind of alteration thus, you might need to reserve a flexible Business Class ticket. You could do so by choosing the suitable cabin class choice in our flight search engine.

Reservations are thought to be identical when similar passengers (names) travel on the same flight, same dates with the same airline.

If you possess duplicate reservations kindly get in touch with us so we could cancel one of the bookings and ask for a refund from the airline. But, kindly be aware that not all airlines might permit this kind of refund.

Once you put in your search basis in our flight engine, we utilise our technology to check all possible collaborations to find you the top deals obtainable. It might happen that, even If you required a one-way ticket, our system locates an inexpensive choice for you by reserving a roundtrip ticket instead. If that is the case, we would reserve this roundtrip ticket for you so you could gain from a better price.

You don’t have to bother about your return flight as it would naturally be voided when you doesn’t take the return flight.

Prior to making your booking you need to take into consideration the following passenger classification:

Infants: Passengers below 24 months old. They need to travel in the same seat as the mother or father. In many instances the infant travels for free or pays about 10% of the adult fee. If you do need a separate seat for your baby, then they need to travel in a recommended child seat (normally rear facing) and the relevant fee has to be paid. A couple of airlines do consist of sky cots on board their aircraft (normally on longer haul flights) which you could ask for at the time of booking. Kindly be cautious that there is no promise that the airline would be able to offer you with a sky cot. The handing out of sky cots is the only responsibility of the airline. If your infant is 1-year-old on the departing journey but becomes 2 years old by the time of the return journey, you have to make your reservation for a child and not for an infant.

Children: Passengers above 2 years old but below 12 years old. If your child is 11 years old at the period of departure but becomes 12 prior to the return journey, she/he could still travel on a child fee. Authorities might ask for consent from parent(s) or guardian(s) if the child has to travel on their own.

Youth: 12 to 15 years old.

Adults: 16 years old and upwards.


If your booking comprises a passenger from 12 to 15 (incorporated) at the date of your flight, and the flight is leaving from a United Kingdom airport, you might be made eligible to a government tax return.

Call us now on, 0207 612 7222

We can help you to choose the ideal hotel, allocate your seats and even add extra luggage to your already existing reservation.



Your electronic tickets would be provided within a period of 48 hours after the fare has been confirmed. In many instances, tickets are provided minutes after the fare has been validated unless you have chosen a special fare that might need the confirmation of the airline (e.g. special help for passengers with less mobility, passengers travelling with pets, and so on.)

Kindly note that our system makes unsystematic security checks in order to promise a 100% safe fare. Because of this, your fare might be looked into before its confirmation, which might detain the discharge of your tickets for a couple of hours. If your fare does not pass our security checks, we would get in touch with you through e-mail.

We will send you a confirmation email with your booking reference number, which serves as a receipt for your e-ticket. You will NOT receive a physical 'e-ticket' or paper tickets to present at the airport. We recommend that you take a printout of your confirmation email with you, although many airlines won't ask to see this.

You would generally get a confirmation email in minutes of making your reservation through our website. If you have not yet gotten it, kindly permit up to 1 hour for it to be detectable in your inbox. You need to also check your spam folder to make sure that it has not blocked your email.

Keep in mind that you would not get an e-ticket if you're travelling with a Low Cost airline. You might get two different verification e-mails instead, one from us and another one from the carrier. In that instance, you would only require the booking source number which would be enough for you to do your check-in online.

E-ticketing (also known as Electronic Ticketing) is a 'paper-less' way to reserve flights. Once you've made your reservation, it's kept electronically in the airline booking system. When you check in at the airport, just show airline staff an application of identification together with your booking reference number and they'll issue you with your boarding pass.

Have you experienced a technical issue while confirming your booking? Maybe your computer crashed or the last confirmation page did not load correctly? Do not make a new reservation.

Initially, check your Inbox and your Spam folder to see if you have gotten any notification from us. The e-mail verification might be sent straight away.

It is suggested that you also check if your credit card has been charged by us.

Many airlines do not permit tickets to be utilised out of sequence and needs them to be utilised in the order they were reserved.

If any of the outbound tickets are not utilised, the airline’s booking system would on its own cancel the return flight incorporated on the same ticket and you would not be able to travel on this ticket.

Consequently, if you are not able to travel on the outbound flight you have reserved, we suggest that you get in touch with us, before your departure date, so that we could examine the fare rules put by the airline to see if we could cancel this portion of the holiday.

Reserving your holiday with Travel Center is easy and quick! You just require a couple of minutes to finish your reservation and get your travel papers.

Please find below a rundown of the online booking procedure:


At the point when your making your flight look on our website, we will offer all of your conceivable flight blends for your course with almost 500 aircrafts. When you have chosen the flights that suit you best, you have just to embed points of interest of travelers and the card holder (the individual whose card information are utilized to make the buy). It is critical to check all the embedded data including email locations, dates and goal of flights and names of travelers as they show up on their visa.

At this stage and with a few aircrafts, you can likewise let us know what number of bags you need to check in for go in the hold. Take note that a few carriers will charge extra cash while others don't permit the expansion of an online stuff recompense.


Your booking is successful once a page is shown with the following message:

“Thank you for booking with us”

At that point you would also get an automatic confirmation e-mail, comprising of your reservation number and all your booking information.


If payment has been confirmed by your bank, you have to get an sms and/or email on the status of booking in 48 hours from the time the reservation was made trailed by the route. If payment has not been confirmed, kindly wait 30 minutes and refresh Manage My Booking. If still no results, get in touch with us through the options stated below.

For guests who have made reservations for flights leaving less than 48 hours or for further aid, please contact us straight away by:

  • Talking to us on our live chat
  • Online feedback form
  • Calling us on 0207 612 7222

Your electronic tickets will be issued inside 24 hours of your installment being approved by your bank. In many instances, tickets are issued minutes after the installment has been affirmed unless you have chosen a unique administration that may require the affirmation of the aircraft (e.g. extraordinary help for travelers with diminished portability, travelers going with pets, and so on.) Please take note that our framework makes arbitrary security checks so as to ensure a 100% safe exchange. Consequently, your exchange might be checked preceding its affirmation which may delay the issue of your tickets for a few hours. On the off chance that your exchange does not pass our security checks, we will reach you by means of email.


The simplest way to evade any last-minute shocks on your multi-stop trip is to reconfirm flights 2-3 days prior to your travel date. This permits you to make sure that your flight is departing when you think it is. Even in the time of automated emails and iPhone apps, it’s thoroughly suggested that you reconfirm flights with a phone call, airline employee or on the airline’s official website. You should always make sure your flight is leaving based on the schedule you possess in your hand. Sometimes itineraries are altered or sometimes a flight’s entirely removed at the last minute.

Check-in online is available between 72-24 hours prior to your flight departure depending on the airline. You can visit the respective airline website for more information on online check-in information.

Benefits of online check-in includes:

Speed - Saves time. Regular flyer or not, you could use this tool to evade lines.

Choice - You have the benefit of being able to pick your seats.

Simplicity - You could utilise it anywhere with internet access.

Eco-friendly - You don’t have to print your boarding pass. Just show it on your smartphone or tablet.

More straightforward - If you don’t have any luggage you could go directly to the boarding gate. If you have luggage, just leave it at the drop-off desks.

When you have verified your reservation on our site, you will get an email showing the status of your reservation, which can be one of the accompanying:


Well done! You are prepared to fly! You simply need to print your booking verification email and continue with your registration.


You're nearly there! We may require some additional time to process your reservation, either in light of the fact that you have asked for an extraordinary service (travelers with lessened portability or going with pets, and so on.) that requires verification from the carrier or on account that your installment has yet to be handled.

Try not to stress, you don't have to get in touch with us or make another reservation, we will contact you inside 24 hours to give you a last overhaul.


Oh no, it appears that something didn't go as planned. We may have encountered issues when handling your installment or issuing your ticket. On the off chance that this ever happens, we will send you an email with clear directions.


Your electronic tickets will be issued inside a term of 24 hours after the installment has been approved. In many instances, tickets are issued minutes after your installment has been verified unless you have chosen an extraordinary service that may require the verification of the carrier (e.g. certain help for travelers with lessened versatility, travelers going with pets, and so on.)

Kindly note that our framework makes irregular security checks so as to ensure a 100% safe exchange. Thus, your exchange might be checked preceding its verification, which may postpone the issue of your tickets for a few hours. In the event that your exchange does not pass our security checks, we will get in touch with you through email.

On the off chance that you have gotten an email showing that your reservation is being handled but hasn't gotten a redesign following 24 hours, please click underneath:


If you hold a paper ticket for your flight, the baggage allowance would be shown on the bottom right corner of your ticket. If you have an e-ticket, kindly check with your airline.

Passengers travelling Economy Class are normally allowed a limited allowance of 20 kg (44 lbs) and passengers travelling Business Class a limit of 30kg (66 lbs) without additional cost.

These weight limitations apply to many airlines running to and from all countries with the exception of the United States and Canada, where passengers might check in two pieces of baggage that do not surpass 158 cm (length + width + height) each.

Many airlines would not take individual items of luggage weighing around 32kg (70 lbs). The individual bag limit does not impact the complete baggage weight allowance placed by your airline. Passengers who want to check in items surpassing the 32kg/70 lbs weight limit, like sporting equipment, need to make special arrangements with their airline ahead of time.

We suggest that all passengers check the weight of their bag prior to departing for the airport, as you might be asked to re-pack your bag if it surpasses 32kg.

If you are travelling with two different airlines, or the weight limits vary from one connecting flight to the next, then you would be needed to take the lesser amount.

On the off chance that you have reserved distinctive corresponding flights inside a similar booking and they are worked by a similar carrier (or the carriers are a portion of a similar collusion, for example, SkyTeam, Star Alliance or OneWorld), your luggage will surely be sent to your last stop.

The special case to this is whether you are making a trip to the US or Canada from an air terminal outside of the US or Canada where you will need to gather your things at the primary place of entrance and re-check your stuff in, regardless of where you're going on your second flight.

Your checked luggage may not make a beeline for your last stop in the event that you have corresponding flights worked by various carriers, despite the fact that a large portion of the carriers have set up deals amid them to maintain a strategic distance from that circumstance.

In the event that you're corresponding flights are worked by various Low Cost airlines, you will likewise need to take your luggage at every airplane terminal and check them back in again for the following flight.

On the off chance that your luggage is postponed, the aircraft has up to 21 days to attempt to locate it and give it back to you. Meanwhile, they need to cover any crisis costs that you may cause in light of not having your luggage. If the airline cannot locate your luggage inside 21 days, it is considered to be lost. All things considered you'll need to make a claim for payment and the carrier will for the most part approach you for a rundown of the missing things. If you can, we suggest that you attach as many genuine receipts as could be allowed. You can document your claim at the carrier's work area at the air terminal or submit through mail. Also kindly visit the carrier's site to discover their contact information or refer to the document you finalized with the aircraft when you reported your luggage missing.

Because of security reasons there are a few impediments on the sort of articles that you can bear on board, both as checked-in things or hand luggage. These regulations vary based upon your flight air terminal, last stop or even aircraft. For example, there are unique conditions on flights inside the European Union or to/from the United States. Normally, Below shown objects are not allowed to be taken in your hand luggage.


You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.

Hand luggage must not surpass the accompanying measurements: Hand luggage measurements: high 45 cm, long 56 cm, wide 25 cm.


We can help you with that. In the event that you are flying with one of the aircrafts mentioned here, we will be happy to handle your luggage requirement for your benefit.

Observe that an additional expense will be charged by the transporter, based upon the quantity of extra things or kilos you need to add to your reservation.

In case you're going with an alternate aircraft, please get in touch with the airline straight away.

Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to travel with a bit of luggage other than a typical bag or a buggy?

On the off chance that that is the situation you should follow after an exceptional method to have the capacity to register any of the things mentioned below:

Just in case you do have a dynamic reservation, kindly get in touch with us so we can ask for this service with the carrier for your benefit.


A few aircrafts don't require an alternate enlistment of unique things up to 23 kg. But, luggage measuring more than 23 kg for the most part require a payment or special luggage fee. On the off chance that you have luggage or hardware more than 32 kg, you might have to buy a special luggage fee or ship it in cargo. Kindly check the aircrafts luggage guidelines to see what is viewed as special luggage and what to do with larger than usual luggage. Numerous aircrafts will have particular directions for going with bicycles, surfboards, musical instruments, and so forth.


Certain services have to be asked for from the airline and are thought to be a special appeal. We incorporated in this listing the following:

  • Special luggage (bicycles, wheelchairs, sports equipment, musical appliances, etc.)
  • Kids travelling on their own.
  • Special meals on the flight *
  • Special help at the airport.
  • Passengers with less mobility or requiring a wheelchair.
  • Passengers travelling with pets.
  • *Is not necessarily incorporated in your first ticket price.

These services are limited per flight, by the carriers which is the reason they must be approved by the pertinent aircraft before the tickets are provided. In the event that you are going on an inexpensive aircraft, you should get in touch with the carrier specifically.


At Travel Center we love to make things basic for you, that is the reason you can simply make your special service request while making your reservation on our site.

To do this, ensure you select the case Special Request that shows up toward the end of the booking process, just before putting in your payment information:

Most carriers take pregnant moms for travel as long as they are fit, with a trouble-free pregnancy and are not over the 34th week of their pregnancy on the arrival flight. Numerous aircrafts be that as it may, will require a specialist's authentication.

We suggest that you check with your airline as their policies may vary.

There are various rules and regulations for travelling by air with animals, based on your destination. So reserve your travel ahead of time, and give the original editions of your pet's documents. They comprise of the import, export and transit papers and its health and vaccination certificates. If an animal is not permitted to enter a country due to not having had the needed vaccinations, the owner needs to pay for the return flights. Our Service Center would be happy to assist you with reservations and to answer any inquiries.


When all is said in done just Seeing Eye puppies and little cats and dogs might be allowed to go in the airplane cabin. The utmost weight permitted for household cats and dogs differ based on the carrier but is amid 5 kg and 8kg (enclosure included). Seeing Eye dogs are not regularly limited by weight limitations or required to be confined.


Pets that can't be transported inside the cabin, because of their weight and size, will be transported in a recommended compartment in an air-conditioned section of the airplane cargo hold. The carrier will ask for you to bring your own particular pet compartment that should abide by the particular directions and necessities regarding size, security and ventilation. If it's not too much trouble check those details with your airline.


Transportation of live pets is liable to European and International directions. You are obliged to get your pet a veterinary endorsement and travel permit, and also the required immunizations, agreeable with your country of origin and last stop. We suggest counseling the Embassies of the destination of takeoff and the destination of your last stop to discover which records are required and which rules apply to transporting your pet.

To guarantee the best quality facilities, it is crucial to specify your necessities when reserving your flight or if nothing else 72 hours before takeoff.

You will discover below the information that our operators will require to send your appeal for help to the aircraft.


Please state if:

You require a wheelchair to go through the airport but you can ascend the airplane steps and walk inside the plane.

You require a wheelchair to go through the airport and you also require help up and down the airplane steps but not inside the cabin.

You require a wheelchair upon entry at the airport and also inside the cabin.


Wheelchair that is hand-operated.

Wheelchair motorized by a dry or liquid battery (wet cell).

We will also have to know the size and weight of your wheelchair.

If you require help on your trip, kindly have all of the needed details prior to getting in touch with our agents.


With a few aircrafts, a kid aged 4 to 12 years old may travel alone given a support service reserved with the carrier. These youngsters are required to go as an UM (Unaccompanied Minor) and set under the care of the carrier staff who would be in charge of going with them amid the different phases of the trip.

This carrier may require a charge for this service. It would be ideal if you take note that a few organizations don't offer this service, counting British Airways and Low Cost airlines, for example, Ryanair or EasyJet.

It would be ideal if you take note that every carrier applies diverse conditions to this service (accessibility in view of the age of the kid or the journey, for instance), in this manner it is obligatory to check with your aircraft if your kid is qualified for this facility before verifying your reservation.


To reserve this service kindly check the case "Travelers with extraordinary requirements" that you will discover on our site when making your reservation. On the off chance that this case is not showed on the site, the service is not accessible with that particular airline you're making your reservation with.


After check-in, the child is looked after by the airline and would be escorted through the airport security to the departure lounge prior to being given over to the cabin crew for their flight. It is suggested that parents/guardians wait at the airport until the aircraft has departed.

Once you come to the airport the cabin crew would give the kid to the ground staff who would take them through immigration, customs and to the baggage recovery. The child would then be given over to the waiting adult. Kindly keep in mind that the ground staff are probably going to ask the adult for identification.

Passengers aged 12-17 years, legally known as a minor, could travel on their own. They might also need the same care at the parents' /guardians requirement. This is a voluntary service.



Airlines are sometimes compelled to alter their flight timetables for functioning reasons or force majeure. If your booking is impacted by a cancellation or delay, we would tell you as soon as the airline informs us of the amendment. In this instance, you might be given another flight or in some instances a full repayment. No repayments are possible if you receive any alternative flight provided by the airline.

Please note that in the instance of a last minute cancellation or lengthy delays and under indisputable conditions, you might be qualified to repayment from the airline, based on the EU regulation 261/2004.

Also keep in mind that in the instance of a return trip consisting of two one way tickets, any change or cancellation does not impact the other ticket. This is for separate e-tickets, likely provided by other airlines.

If you miss a connecting flight because of an airline delay or cancellation at the airport, kindly check if all your flights are booked in the similar booking and consequently incorporated in the similar electronic ticket.

If that is the case, the airline has to locate an alternative flight for you to get to your last destination. But, if you have reserved a cheap booking comprising of two unrelated one-way flights in independent booking’s and e-tickets, a cancellation or amendment to one flight would not impact the other one. In that instance, you would have to acquire a new ticket to get to your last destination.