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Saudia, as Saudi Arabian is known, is the Jeddah-based flag carrier of Saudi Arabia. In true Saudi Arabian style, the airline provides its passengers with a swanky atmosphere, out-of-this-world mouth-watering cuisine from around the world, royal treatment, and a wide variety of inflight entertainment. Enjoy comfortable seating that affords you both privacy and a sense of peace, while you sit back to enjoy a wonderful meal cooked according to international standards. Watch a movie selected from a wide range of international creations available onboard. Seats on board the aircraft are comfortable and spacious no matter which class you are in, so that Economy Class passengers too will be able to travel comfortably. First Class and Business Class seats are reminiscent of the comfort of home and one’s own pillow. Open yourself up to a whole new world, travel on a comfortable magic carpet ride, and journey to many exotic and known and unknown locations around the world such as Addis Ababa, Riyadh, and Dammam. When you book your next Saudi Arabian Airlines ticket with TravelCenter, you will be guaranteed attentive service, excellent seat space, and support for your head, feet, and back through the design of the seat. Enjoy a wide range of entertainment options and keep your children happy with complimentary children’s packs for kids under 12 years.

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Guest Class, as Saudia’s Economy Class is known, serves up Arabic, Western, and vegetarian dishes, as well as signature dishes from the destination country. Hors d’oeuvres, salads, entrees, and accompaniments are served for meals and end in dessert and tea or coffee. In keeping with the tradition of comfort the airline prides itself on, Saudia’s Economy Class seats are spacious and are a joy to spend hours in. The seats pitch at 34”, while the headrests are padded for maximum possible comfort. Enjoy unparalleled comfort with superb lumbar support and manually adjustable footrests. Private TV screens of up to 9” that are remote controlled bring you closer to great entertainment and fun, with video on demand from 24 to 40 stations depending on the aircraft, 12 music and other audio channels, and video games. Complimentary overnight kits are provided to all passengers on the Economy Class. Children under 12 years receive children’s bags that are filled with books and games that will help them quickly and productively while away time.
Fly like Royalty, in the plush spacious seats in Business Class that are a joy to be in. Be welcomed with cardamom-flavored coffee and dates, and a selection of fresh fruit juices. Select from Western, Eastern, and vegetarian, or Arabic meal choices and be guaranteed you receive some of the best cuisine available on board any international airline. Additionally, the cabin is beautiful, with flowers and plush seats. The feel is very much similar to that of a high class hotel, and will ensure you a pleasant journey. The crew and the placement of the seats ensures your personal space is maintained at all times. The seats are set wide apart, and are spacious enough to compete with First Class seats on other airlines, offering excellent recline and pitch. Padded headrests and the design of the seats offer maximum comfort for your body. Great attention has been paid to the smallest detail. The meals are a treat out of this world, and the presentation matches the taste of the food.
Inflight entertainment is state-of-the-art on Saudia’s aircraft, with individual TV screens (handsets or touch) with audio video on demand on 24-40 channels. The programs are drawn from religious programs, movies, music, pop videos, kids’ programs, and documentaries. Passengers on First and Business Class can also choose from a selection of games or from over 50 audio CDs. Saudia’s food is an eclectic offering of the world’s best cuisine mixed and tempered with the science of making food. These colorful and tasty top-notch meals are categorized according to the flights they are served on. The shorter Middle East flights and the flights to Asia and the Far East are provided with fresh salads, Arabian-style meat dishes and biriyani, hot and cold beverages, and delectable baked desserts or fresh fruit. Passengers on flights to Europe can savor canapés, caviar, soups, traditional appetizers from Saudi Arabia, soups, salads, and a variety of desserts. Passengers on North America flights are provided with beverages, cold meats as appetizers, soups, salads, Arabian meals, and inspired desserts.
Fly to fascinating destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. In the Middle East, experience Riyadh, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Dammam. Take in Washington D.C., New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Dhaka, Chennai, Islamabad, and Manila. Fly to a host of destinations, with the well-connected Saudi Arabian Airlines. You can even explore Asia, with Colombo in Sri Lanka, and Mumbai, Kozhikode, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chennai from India, as well as Islamabad from Pakistan on the list of destinations flown to. In Saudi Arabia, you have the options of Abha, Al Ahsa, Al Baha, Al Ula, Bisha, Dawadmi, Gurayat, Jeddah, Rafha, Riyadh, Turaif and Yanbu. Discover the best and the popular of Saudi Arabia but also discover hidden spots and great spaces when you fly with Saudi Arabian Airlines. In Morocco, discover Casablanca, Vienna in Austria, and Tunis in Tunisia. The opportunities are endless on Saudi Airlines. The airline’s website will allow you to check out the times of each flight, lightening your stresses connected to travel. The schedule is available for download in pdf and zip formats. Save them on your pc or laptop, and have the flight times conveniently at your fingertips.
Saudi Arabian - Awards and Recognition

Year 2004
  • Silver MENA Travel Award
  • Yahoo Middle East Online Award for Best Regional Online Marketing in the Middle East most proactive online advertisers
Year 2002
  • Diamond Award from On Board Services Magazine

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