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Cheap Flights With Korean Airways From Travel Center

One of the top 20 airlines of the world in the number of passengers transported, Korean Air also holds the distinction of being the highest-ranked international cargo airline. It is also one of the few international airlines to fly to the six populated continents. Additionally, it was the first Airbus A380 to house its Business Class passengers in the beautiful upper deck of the A380 aircraft. The airline has codeshare agreements with over 15 airlines, including Japan Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Emirates, Philippine Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines. Its current fleet stands at 146 aircraft, while 53 more aircraft have been ordered. Browse through and select from a myriad choices in the airline’s inflight entertainment system: there are movies, games, and music from across the globe, and even newspapers and travel guides. Relax on lie-flat seats while you enjoy a cocktail in the First and Business Classes. Feel like you are in your own room with the wide-spaced, beautifully crafted seats that allow you privacy, privilege, and one-button-press comfort. When you book a flight on Korean Air with TravelCenter, you can enjoy hot deals, sales, and access to a wide network of destination cities. Discover a majority of cities in Southeast Asia, or fly from Asia to Europe, the Middle East, or Africa, while you fly in comfort on Korean Air.

The Economy Class seats in Korean Air are beautiful and comfortable. Pleasing to the eye and creating a calm environment, they offer a 121-degree recline. The seats are slim seats with a sliding seat cushions that allow for more comfort on the journey. A 10.6” LCD wide screen keeps you entertained with many movies, a wide choice of music from the different corners of the world, and games, on audio video on demand basis. All Economy Class seats on the aircraft have a USB port available at each seat, for cameras and other electronic equipment. Additionally, hangers are provided to hang up coats (not available in the older aircraft). The quality personalized service from the cabin crew and exceptional food prepared by top-rated chefs will keep you coming back for more. The meals are scrumptious and appetizing, taking you to a different level of pleasure. Enjoy limitless inflight duty free shopping on board the aircraft and walk off with some amazing deals and gifts for your loved ones back home.

Prestige Class is divided into three categories, according to the aircraft: Prestige Sleeper, Prestige Plus, and the “old Prestige Class” seats. The Prestige Sleeper Class seats are comfortable with a 180-degree recline, while Prestige Plus follows close after, at 170 degrees. The “old Prestige Class” seats recline to 138 degrees. Wide seats that lie flat at 180 degrees and extra space between seats leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Additionally, the extra space between seats and the screens around and behind the seats create a private space which is conducive to carrying out business work. Both the individual light with focused lighting and the individual wide-screen movie system make for a great time on board the aircraft, whether you are reading, watching movies, or listening to music. Seats are adjustable to any angle with just a push of a button. The Business Class plays host to an inflight bar, named the Celestial bar, which features cocktails and a lounge. It is accessible only to First and Prestige Business Class passengers.

Korean Air has four different types of First Class cabins and seats divided according to the aircraft of the flight. Kosmo suites are available on all Boeing-777-300ER aircraft and Airbus 380 aircraft, and on some of the 777-200ER aircraft. The Kosmo Sleeper is available on some chosen Boeing 747-400 aircraft and the 777-200ERs, while the Sleeper is available on some of the Boeing aircraft, and all of the Airbus aircraft. “The old first class” seats, available on some of the aircraft, recline a mere 150 degrees. Work on your individual tables, in complete privacy, with an individual light and a large dividing screen. The focus of the light that only falls onto the required space helps keep eye fatigue to a minimum, thus helping you read as long as you like. The wooden finish of the seat brings a pleasing aesthetic to the seat that will keep you feeling like a VIP. Enjoy movies on individual wide screens, with the amazing, quality sound emanating from the ear-friendly Bose headsets provided.

Enjoy great movies, documentaries, dramas, sports, and music from all over the world, as well as music that is currently popular, and games when you fly with Korean Air. The AVOD system on board gives you the opportunity to watch movies and short films, sample over 500 music albums, and play games while flying. The inflight shopping service for duty free material is also found on the AVOD system. AVOD II and III, which have been upgraded from AVOD I, move beyond supporting only music, movies, and games, to support newspapers, news on TV, travel guides, and travel-related guides. The Red Program will show current movies and short films on the overhead screens. Passengers can see what programs are available on their flight before the departure of the flight, by accessing Korean Air’s website. Enjoy high quality sounds on ear-friendly Bose headsets and movies on individual wide screens. There is a dedicated bar providing cocktails if you are flying in Business or First Class, so that you fly in style.

Korean Air - along with its subsidiaries - flies to over 130 cities in 45 countries. In the domestic market, the airline operates flights to 20 cities. Korean Air flies to a majority of destinations in Southeast Asia, such as Beijing, Zhengzhou, Tokyo/Narita, Osaka, Taipei, and Shenzhen, as well as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Hanoi, and Phnom Penh. Their presence is strongest in the Southeast Asian region while their other destinations are spread across the world , with a few cities in each region. The airline also flies to Colombo, Kathmandu, Mumbai, and the Maldives in South Asia. It flies to Dubai, Jeddah, and Riyadh in the Middle East, and Cairo and Nairobi in Africa. In Europe, it flies to many destinations including Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, London, Gatwick, Milan, and Prague as well as St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia. Discover the world’s hot spots via Korean Air’s extensive network when you book with TravelCenter, and plan your trip with their interactive route map available on the website. The map will give you your route and possible stops along the way from Seoul, allowing you to easily and quickly plan your journey.