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Iberia Plus Emprese
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Cheap Flights With Iberian From Travel Center

Flying to some of the most exotic and intriguing destinations in Spain, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Spain’s flag carrier Iberia is also its largest airline. Low cost characterizes the flight prices on this airline, but the amenities and services offered are not compromised due to the low cost of the ticket. Seats with more room, internet connections, excellent and current movies, lovely music, mouth-watering food as well as snacks that are available at the 24hr snack bar, and tasteful wines are guaranteed services to the passenger. While the airline does not offer a First Class, it offers three versions of Business Class options, according to the distance to travel. For Business Class passengers, the VIP rooms can prove a much needed respite from the issues of travelling for work, and can even be a place to hold business meetings. Also provided are faster access to the flight, VIP parking priority access, limousines, and telephones and fax machines on board the flight. The personal touch screen provides fine music, games, and movies. Additionally, a 9000-slot car park provides the passengers the opportunity to park their own vehicles at the airport prior to taking their flight. Book your next flight with TravelCenter for great deals and amazing discounts, and fly with Iberia Airways for a journey of a lifetime.

For domestic and short-haul flights, Economy Class offers a buy on board service under the name “Tu Menu” for luscious food, drinks, and snacks. On the mid-range and long-distance flights, meals are provided, while alcoholic beverages are not. Passengers can watch TV programs, documentaries, and movies on their personal screens. Seats in the Economy Class have a 79cm separation between rows and an adjustable headrest, along with a 9” personal touch screen with intuitive browsing. Universal power adaptors, USB and Apple plug points, reclining seats, lighting, and Wi-Fi and GSM on personal devises are all on offer in the Economy Class, making your trip more enjoyable. Food includes seasonal offerings that are both healthy and tasty as well as Spanish traditional food. For flights that are over 3 hours, passengers are given a complete meal according to the flight duration. Economy Passengers can use the 9000-slot car park to park their vehicles before their journeys, and enjoy the comfort of having your own vehicle available when you land back home.

Iberia offers its valued customers three versions of Business Class according to the distance travelled. Business Class is available on domestic Spanish flights and flights within Europe. These seats are different from Economy Class in that the middle seats are blocked. Meals and drinks are offered free. Flying Business Class also offers the privileges of priority check-in, security, and baggage claim, as well as better ground service. Business Club is for the more mid-range flights, such as to Israel, Nigeria, and other African and Middle Eastern destinations. While the Business Class on the short-distance flights are only slightly different from the Economy Class, with Business Club, passengers are in a dedicated cabin, with more space, more pitch in seats, and with leg rests and video on demand. Business Plus is available on the more long-range flights from Spain to the Americas and to South Africa. This class has international standard equipment and amenities as well as lie-flat seats, which also offer four-position headrests and automatic back-pillow adjustments and massage functions.

Games and movies on your personal screen, as well as a wide range of high-quality music are on offer for Business Class and Economy Class passengers while passengers in Business Plus have the added benefits of email and text messages, and a phone at the seat. On offer are over 60 movies in many languages each month (schedule is available on their website), ranging from drama to comedy to cartoons. Action movies and suspense movies are also on offer. Over 80 options from TV programmes to documentaries and sports will keep you entertained for many hours. Music ranges from classic to modern to current. 3D games will keep game lovers enthralled for the entire duration of the flight. Also on offer are video games such as Minesweeper, Black Jack, Solitaire, Reverse, and Caveman. In addition, the entertainment options can be controlled through an intuitive and simple menu. Food on the flight is also a great way of spending the time, with amazing and delectable food served with style and grace.

Iberia flies to the beautiful Aberdeen and Edinburgh cities, the commercial capital of London, and the educational hubs of Manchester and Cardiff in the, connecting passengers of varied backgrounds and interests. It travels to 38 destinations in Spain including Seville, Ibiza, and Madrid, offering opportunities for every kind of traveller to discover different facets of the country. In Europe, Iberia flies to Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, and France, landing at Aalborg, Bologna, Amsterdam Athens, Berlin, and Brest. Discover and enjoy the beautiful and historic continent with ease and in true jet-setter style. Panama, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Mexico in the Americas are also possible destinations for a get-away vacation. Kick back and enjoy other-worldly charm as you lounge in the sun with a drink. Take in the local sights, dance like the natives, and unravel the mysteries of everyday life, away from the hustle-bustle of your normal life. Visit Africa and the Middle East, and fall in love with some of the oldest civilizations with Iberia Airways. Pay an ode to classical literature in Casablanca, visit a madrasa in Fez, grapple with the modern and the historical in Tel Aviv, and explore a new culture in Nouakchott.

Iberian - Awards and Recognition

Year 2013
  • Best Check-In Initiative
Year 2012
  • Best Passenger Assistance Initiative