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China Eastern Airlines is primarily located in Shanghai with its headquarters on the grounds of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. It prides to be a major Chinese Airline that operates domestic, regional and international routes. Serving close to 80 million travellers annually, China Eastern Airlines is ranked amongst the top 5 airlines in the world, in terms of passenger transportation volume. The main hubs of the airline are at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport whereas its secondary hubs are based at Kunming Changshui International Airport and Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. The Airline has a solid presence on routes to various destinations in Asia, North America and Australia. However, the airline is drastically dominating the domestic market by boosting flight frequencies between Shanghai and other key Chinese cites. Being an official member of SkyTeam and with close cooperation with its SkyTeam member airlines, China Eastern has extended its routes from Shanghai to 1,000 cities in 187 counties. With a broad fleet of modern aircrafts and devoted staff, the airline has continued to provide excellent travel experiences for its passengers till date. Passengers can enjoy being a member of China Eastern Airlines’ frequent flyer program, Eastern miles. Along with participating in mileage accumulation and redeem program, members have the privilege of enjoying added benefits of using VIP lounges worldwide, within the SkyTeam member airline network.

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The Economy Class flights of China Eastern Airlines offer the right comfort and luxury to all its passengers looking for an enjoyable travel, at affordable rates. The Economy Class cabin provides a bright and spacious way to travel with specially designed seats and excellent inflight services. The seats are extremely comfortable with adjustable footrests as well as winged headrests. These are perfect for long-haul flights where the passengers can adjust and find their own comfort zone. Most overnight flights are provided with individual Economy Class amenity kits which include a toothbrush, socks and other needs. China Eastern Airlines also offer a wide range of entertainment options which provides the passenger to choose from the latest blockbuster movies, popular TV shows and exciting interactive games. It is guaranteed that every passenger will be entertained all throughout the flight. Getting to the best part, the Airline offers its passengers a world-class inflight dining experience with mouth-watering signature dishes created by renowned international chefs. Economy flights from China Eastern Airlines are the gateway to comfort travel to your favourite destinations.
China Eastern Airlines strives to fulfil the needs of any business traveller by providing a much comfortable mode of travel today. The seats are designed a step better than those of the Economy Class cabin. The Business Class cabin is designed with custom Italian-Swiss seats with unique adjustable armrests. The seats with its armrests lowered measure a good 69cm, nearly 27 inches wide and 198 cm (6 feet, 6 inches) long. Absolutely suitable to provide impressive room for comfortable sleep as well as more freedom to work and relax whilst being thousands of feet higher from ground. The Business Class flights of China Eastern Airlines also provide a better choice of dining options as well as better entertainment in comparison to Economy Class. The airline staffs are extremely attentive to every Business Class passenger and will not fail to satisfy your travel. All amenities are provided within the flight which includes comfortable pillows and blankets. There is no better way to travel than on Business Class cabin for any business traveller.
The First Class and Business Class travellers have the privilege of enjoying access to a broad range of comprehensive entertainment programs that goes beyond the China Eastern Media Panel. The passengers can individually select from four options Cinema, CD player, Shows and station via personal screen that faces their seats. The inflight-entertainment includes close to 100 video options and films of 8 languages, 30 TV programs, 17 music magazines, 170 CDs of audio books, 23 radio programs from all over the world, skilled games, board games and action games as well as language courses. China Eastern Airlines brings unique inflight dining experiences to passengers in all three travel cabins. The airline strives to offer every possible luxury for its passengers, which is why the China Eastern brings a World Gourmet Cuisine with delicious menu creations, champagnes, wines and beverages.
Being one of the top three airlines in China, China Eastern has an extended network of flights from Shanghai to over 100 cities in numerous countries. The airline operates flights to numerous key destinations in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. Therefore, China Eastern Airlines can certainly take you to Shanghai, or other cities in China or to any continental destination around the globe. The airline however has a strong presence in the domestic market with a high frequency of flights from Shanghai to other cities in China. With the cooperation of its franchises and Skyteam members, the Airline is able to fly to over 100 destinations around the world. Now the airline has accelerated its international expansion by boosting the international flight frequencies between important cities. Beside the SkyTeam members, the airline has codeshare agreements with several airlines such as Etihad Airways, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Qantaas, Mandarin Airlines and Aeroflot. This has enabled the airline to extend its operations on a whole new level.

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   Airline Code :  MU
   Website Website
   Contact Number :  020 7935 2676
   Frequent Flyer Program :  Eastern Miles
   Lounge :  Elite Club
   Baggage Allowance Baggage Allowance
   Airline Alliance :  Sky Team
   Online Check-in Online Check in
   Magazine :  N/A