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Cheap Flights With Cathay Pacific From Travel Center

Hong Kong’s flag carrier Cathay Pacific was founded in 1946 and has a fleet of 134. The word ‘Cathay’ is derived from the word "Khitan", an ancient name for China. The airline covers 42 countries, and is also an award-winning cargo service. Cathay Pacific pledges to offer the best to its passengers, which is made clear even in the airline’s slogan of ‘People. They make an Airline’. The in-flight entertainment options are varied, with over 100 movies, nearly 900 CDs, and the choice of over 150 newspapers. For those with special meal plans, Cathay Pacific is the ideal choice. From Vegetarian Hindu meals to Muslim meals or Kosher meals, from bland meals to fruit patter meals, from gluten intolerant meals to diabetic meals, the airline respects and caters to the passengers’ choice of meal. In addition, the attention to detail on the seating, the services on offer, and the warmth of the staff create an experience that no passenger will ever forget. The airline is an airline of choice for many because of the superior benefits that the airline offers the passenger. Book your flights with TravelCenter, which has the best deals for those choosing Cathay Pacific for their journeys. Enjoy cheap rates, great discounts, and amazing destinations when you book your next flight on Cathay Pacific with TravelCenter.

Enjoy Asian hospitality on Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy Class, with dedicated check-in-counters, priority boarding facility, and extra baggage allowance of 25kg. For long-haul flights, an environmentally friendly amenity kit with eyeshade, toothbrush and toothpaste, socks, and earplugs will be provided. Charge your electronic devices such as iPod and iPhone with the multi-port connector and USB port. An 8-inch recline seat ensures a comfortable rest along a 4-way moving headrest, to support your neck and head. The fixed-back shell seat in the Economy Class gives you the best personal space along with the LEAP® Live Back™ upholstered seat and the reclining and an adjustable headrest. The new amenity storage allows you to keep small items such as pens, glasses, or a mobile phone. There is also a cup holder and coat hook. On both classes, one can enjoy a selection of food and beverages ranging from regional cuisine to snack foods such as cup noodles and ice cream available on selected flights. Don’t forget to try the popular, traditional oolong tea.

The Business Class seat has up to 28 cm (11 inches) of movement capacity. You can move your seat back or forward and toggle to adjust your seat position. Additionally, the bed is a comfortable 2 metres with a width of 16.5 cm. Cathay Pacific’s new Regional Business Class with 21-inch wide seats and the cradle recline feature is also growing popular among the business community flying Cathay Pacific. A 15.4 inch touch screen personal TV along with the Airline’s StudioCX feature makes for a great viewing experience. The airline has also increased personal storage space to keep your glasses and gadgets while a larger personal table is also available either to work on or to enjoy a scrumptious hearty meal. Among the other features available to its customers is a small pocket near the monitor to place your mobile phone, glasses, pens, and other small items, while to the side of your seat lies a pocket to store documents and laptops. The laptop cover can lie at your feet.

The cabin is luxurious with burgundy carpets, comfortable natural leather seats, and padded leather armrests. The seats fabric is custom-made for the First class. The relaxing atmosphere of the cabin adds to the luxurious feel. The First Class suite also consists of an LCD touchscreen controller to recline your seat or adjust your back support and even turn your lights on and off. Also, enjoy the 40kg baggage allowance on First Class. The First Class seats are made in a way that converts to a fully flat bed with a thicker mattress. Luxurious cushions and pillows make your sleep on board the airline a comfortable one. The sleep suit is 100% organic cotton and women travelers get a Trussardi amenity bag with all skincare products. First Class passengers have the best of Asian and International dishes, all freshly prepared, as well as freshly made Espresso, Cafe Latté, and Cappuccino. First class travelers enjoy the luxury of the refurbished First Class Lounge at The Wing at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Cathay Pacific operates the award-winning StudioCX in-flight entertainment system with over 100 movies, nearly 900 music CDs, 500 TV shows, 22 radio channels, and more than 50 games, all offered in 10 languages. A wide screen personal TV (ranging from 9” to 15.4”) with hundreds of entertainment choices are on offer on Audio and Video on Demand basis. The BOSE QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones ensure good sound quality for passengers. A Multi-port Connector helps you to stream movies and music from your iPod, iPhone and iPad to your TV, and a USB port will keep those devices running throughout your flight and fully charged when you land. For First and Business Class passengers, an exclusive StudioCX entertainment guide is available. Cathay Pacific’s in-flight magazine Discovery also comes in a digital format. Additionally, the airline carries about 150 different newspapers daily from around the world. When you feel like shopping, choose from Cathay Pacific’s duty-free items ranging from designer accessories, travel gadgets, and beauty products to the finest liquor.

The Hong Kong-based airlines travels to 168 destinations while Cathay Pacific Cargo travels to more than 40 destinations. With its subsidiary Dragonair, the Airlines also reaches 17 destinations in China. In addition, Cathay Pacific will commence flights to Male, Maldives this year. The United States and Japan are among the countries with the highest number of Cathay Pacific destinations. The airline flies to 25 destinations in the Land of Cherry Blossoms. Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington DC are among the 30 destinations in the United States. The airline travels to a large number of Asian regions. Whether it is Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, Cathay carries you to the destination of your choice. Travel to Australia, New Zealand or Fiji Islands with Cathay, the best choice when travelling to Oceania nations. Fly Cathay Pacific for your next African safari trip or to exotic Latin American nations of Peru, Mexico and Brazil. European destinations include Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, and Russia, while London, Manchester, and Newcastle are the Cathay Pacific destinations in the United Kingdom.

Cathay Pacific - Awards and Recognition

Year 2013
  • World’s Best Cabin Staff
  • Best Transpacific Airline
  • Airlines Service Award
  • Outstanding Brand Award
Year 2012
  • Best Airline First Class
  • Best Airline - Food and Wine
  • World’s Best Business Class
  • Best Airline
Year 2011
  • Best Airline Transpacific
  • Best First Class Airline